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30 novembre 2015 1 30 /11 /novembre /2015 18:53

A new military response from Russia after Turkey had shot his bomber: Assistance to Kurdish forces in Syria. Kurds that Ankara would of course get rid ...

Thus barely two days after the destruction of his bomber, Russia synchronized some of its military operations with the direction of the Syrian Kurdish movements, particularly by providing support for a massive air offensive against Kurdish "terrorists moderates "of ASL supported by Ankara.


Russia launched a military support for Syrian Kurds
During the exchange of diplomatic pikes and tension of recent days between Russia and Turkey for journalists and experts has shifted to a new turning point in the Syrian conflict.

Two days after the Turkish attack against the Russian aircraft, Russia, for the first time since the beginning of the air operation in Syria began direct interaction with the Supreme Committee of Syrian Kurds, exercising the functions of a provisional government Rodzhava in the Kurdish region in armed conflict in Syria.

For two days the Russian warplanes launched air strikes on the town of Azaz in the Syrian-Turkish border, which is controlled by the so-called moderate opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA). In addition, three Russian planes bombed a checkpoint in Bab al-Salam, through which Turkey sends supplies to anti-government rebels. Finally, the Russian air force carried out a series of air strikes on the positions of the Islamists in Deir Jamal, who is currently on the front line between Syrian Kurds and pro-Turkish rebels.

At the same time, Russian air strikes helping to protect Kurdish Units (YPG), directly subordinated to the Kurdish Supreme Council cited above, they launched a massive offensive against the pro-Turkish rebel Free Syrian Army in Maryamayn regions, Maliki and Zivara in the northern province of Aleppo, with the support of the Russian aviation. [...]

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