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2 janvier 2012 1 02 /01 /janvier /2012 17:34

The decision most mindless political leaders of the European Union in the last 5 years has been to turn its back to Russia and to push it into the new alliance with China. Russia has clearly expressed its opposition to the war against Libya, she denounced the plan to assassinate the Libyan leader, but Europe has ignored and muted its concerns and the solutions it proposed to resolution of the Libyan crisis, preferring the alliance of fortune with his former ally yesterday, but his real enemy today including the financial and monetary issues. From time to bring peace in Europe, Russia dissolved the Warsaw Pact and had opposed any veto for entry into the EU of some of its former satellites, wisdom should guide actions of European leaders by encouraging them to demand and get the Americans dissolution of NATO, from the creation of a real European army inclusive of Russia. Instead, they were content to humiliate Russia and forced to look further east for new partnerships where it is found in China. The new alliance of these two giants weakens a little more of Europe is already a political dwarf. The clumsiness of the war in Libya did the rest. This will not be cold comfort celebrated on all the European media of a handful of demonstrators in Moscow that will change the course of history is being written without Europe. The other consolation to sequester an incumbent African president, Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and expose people to humiliation in a European circus called International Criminal Court (ICC), will offer nothing to Europe on serious need to join the board of the New World because it is strongly remained trapped in an antiquated and outdated conception of a world that has its center of gravity shifted to Asia. It is no coincidence that Russia is putting a renewed strategic importance to his city to the east: Vladivostok.




Africa Must be delighted with this reorganization of the world?When you're lying on the ground, we can no longer be afraid of falling. In the resulting system of organizing the world of the end of the Second World War, while Africa was under European occupation ceased to be in spite of the operations up here and there with the name just as provocative and misleading : independence. Africa has nothing to lose in this new configuration of the world. Hopefully, the largest funder of projects of the African Union, Algeria soon join this new circle so that one of us can truly be the path of more than 1 billion Africans to demand and finally to respect the sovereignty of our continent.According to the African ancestral beliefs, the dead are not dead.They all become gods. Our dead in Abidjan, Bouaké, Duékoué, Sirte, Tripoli of Bani Walid, etc. of Zliten. are gods who watch over us. Their sacrifice is now offering the world a new face, a new governance. The road is still long, but the pitch is already seated. So much pain and tears followed and accompanied our dead in 2011 to their current place of divinity. This gave us the insight for us to ask the right questions about our partnerships and deduce who our true friends are those who happily reorganizing the world. Will we be united enough to count in this new world? African youth is sufficiently trained and knowledgeable to fit your head up tomorrow in the new situation which is reinforced even more? Ending 2011 was a tragic year for Africa, but the events, as bad as they are given credit to awaken many Africans still snoring in their long dogmatic slumber, so the lies of the West were as big as an elephant.

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