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25 décembre 2013 3 25 /12 /décembre /2013 15:26

Who has not met FREEMASONS? I met as each of us of all sorts of unbearable thirst for temporal power or power hungry or esoteric knowledge, but also brave guys just curious or looking for an associative family, or simply search.

In short, a fairly representative sample of our society. Nothing so it seemed to me sufficiently disturbing to not continue to throw at them a sympathetic look.

"The TRILATERAL? BILDERBERG? Ok, must stop with the conspiracy theories, "I thought so.

This idea was reinforced by the many efforts dialog religious bodies, especially Catholics, with the so-called "inter-religious" FREEMASONS seemed a sort of official recognition and was FREEMASONRY, somehow, the status of religion and that the hand is stretched fraternally in the name of ecumenism.CLICK HERE link

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