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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 01:05

Taking advantage of the opening of democracy, we can no longer hide lexistence dun problem Bamileke in Cameroon, the problem of lethnicité constructivist paradigm provides a better understanding as to a large extent an ideological constructs. To deny this would be bad faith. By cons, as lexagérer were able to do some elites Bamileke is irresponsible. These elites then dun blame clearly persecution complex become almost atavistic and accompanied dun narcissistic overinvestment. Shanda Tonme but he was right in supporting quen despite all kinds of statements and danalyses the problem Bamileke, what the jargon calls modest lhégémonie Bamileke, Bamileke and léventuel power, remains the true source all laws, all the electoral strategies, and blocking the democratic process? It is important to realize that perhaps the solution to this problem saver essential to lay the foundation dune final harmony in a friendly inter-ethnic in Cameroon.
For the light of the severity of the turn passionate and symbolic violence as reflected in the debates, it is unfortunate that Cameroon fall into a social conflagration, for failing to take advantage of everything the country has to intelligences and human talent to sketch adequate and equitable solutions to this problem, which is certainly not an impossible task.
Dou relevance of the idea dun national debate (debate constitutional national conference) designed to lay the foundations dun new national consensus, in a position to meet the survival dune citizenship variable bias. Other things that will lead to the establishment dinstitutions clear and not controversial.For in a Cameroonian context where ethnic lappartenance remains the primary site of lengagement political, ethnic rivalries inevitably lead to the identity politics and the mechanisms of self-preservation in the political field, if not Bamileke the least. The capacities of awareness that are the subject of autonomy and democracy are systematically blocked by the intensification of the sense of ethnicity and slogan into effect now appears to be an ethnic group, vote instead of One man, one vote. Thus, current létat, we probably would tend towards democratization in Cameroon atypical issue involving Bamileke obviously the global destiny of the country's democratization.
All in all, John Lamberton else to analysts, to many national actors, lon disagreement seems to recognize that policy for Cameroon, Bamileke léquation all depends. The colonel said the French and in his time: For Cameroon daujourdhui yet, it all depends on the solution Bamileke. As seen from Yaounde, the sagit this time dun global problem which is based on data from local dune situation that calls for radical reform and urgent decisions. (21) All things must be considered in the context of a thorough debate in Léchelles national, even international, in the context of United Nations conferences on the issues treated.
It remains clear quune Management awkward ethnic questions and cultural identities can stop any companys modernization, development and democratization of African societies as well received lhistorien Mamadou Diouf. However, if lethnicité (and respecting the specific), is accepted as a legitimate social phenomenon, it could be better distributed and better administered States in our

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LADY MARIANNE 01/12/2011 12:19

bonjour et bienvenue dans ma communauté " forum libre expression "
merci de ton choix et de tes publications-
bien amicalement ! Lady Marianne

enricpatrick 02/12/2011 18:49

on ma invité j'en suis ravie.jespère apporter ma modeste contribution et surtout beaucoup apprendre .sinon sa me ferai bien plaisir de voir ta photo .bien amicalement