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8 décembre 2011 4 08 /12 /décembre /2011 19:26

By the time Laurent Gbagbo is heard by the judges of the ICC in The Hague, observers internationally noted with indignation that the power

Ouattara is not conducive to a proper investigation of thecriminal court on war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the rebel forces and pro-Ouattara from 2002 to2010. One of them slammed yesterday on the set of France 24,"hesitations" about Ouattara's camp will allow an investigation of the facts which are alleged against the powers that be. Thennoted that this situation is linked to "the antagonism betweenOuattara and Soro who refuses to let go of his military leaders"about the crimes attributed to the rebels. To this observer, this is because if the new occupant of the palace in Abidjan is a"civilian", his regime is based on the rebellion in 2002 led by Guillaume Soro
What is responsibility of the mentor of the RDR in respect of allthe crimes the military leaders of pro-Ouattara Forces are guilty. Starting with the massacres perpetrated on the rebelssince the outbreak of war by the rebels in Ivory Coast. He therefore called on the ICC to consider "the responsibility ofeach other" in this case. This procedure for the least expectedof string as France 24 with a known role in post-election crisisexposes the denial of Ouattara to respond positively to the request of the ICC judges requiring that "any light be shed oncrimes committed by both sides "to a fair trial.


 These judges who want to actually say the right have already served on the prosecutor Ocampo during a recent walk in the Ivory Coast. But, according to several sources, Ouattara opposed the arrival of ICC investigators in the field. Better, France, which did not want the ICC investigators deliver "conclusions" objective judges who want to "learn more" Ocampo urged to act quickly to transfer Laurent Gbagbo, before this request does not lead to investigations of real problems that put his delegated representative in Abidjan.

Hence the serious procedural error that affected the expeditious transfer of President Gbagbo in The Hague.Moreover, the defense lawyers were quick to point out the illegality in which Ocampo has fallen into blind obedience to the instructions of Nicolas Sarkozy. But the game is far from over for France who wants to cover up the crimes committed by the camp Ouattara in Ivory Coast. Indeed, indiscretions reveal divergences to the ICC on the issue, the trend between Ocampo who works to bias the trial that would lead to heavy hasty condemnation of Laurent Gbagbo and the judges who opposed a botched trial that would tarnish the image of the ICC, want to hear the other party to the conflict to a fair trial.

Will there be a referral of the case at the end of this "technical audience" to allow judges to do their work independently in the standards? It would have said yes, if France was not going to engage in fierce maneuvers to exploit the ICC, with the complicity of Ocampo who is still bound by the pact he had concluded with the plotters' mission will be successful if Laurent Gbagbo is condemned, "as it requires Sarkozy and Ouattara, we have been entrusted. But the prisoner of France is merely "suspected" of having committed crimes against him.

Or a credible justice can not afford to convict an accused on the basis of a mere presumption, as long as no investigation was conducted to establish the facts and to locate the responsibility of the winning side who accuse, while they have committed heinous crimes duly mentioned in the reports of Amnesty International and the Division of Human Rights of the UN. Crimes and genocide for which Ocampo has solemnly declared, during his stay in Abidjan, Ouattara that the camp will be heard. Therefore expected that the ICC decides now on "all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Côte d'Ivoire, by both sides." Any other approach will be as pure farce.

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