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10 décembre 2011 6 10 /12 /décembre /2011 01:28

After the "Unified Guard" has destroyed the Libyan State, with at least 40,000 bombs dropped by more than 10 000 attack missions, and even provided weapons to Islamic groups previously classified as dangerous terrorists yesterday in Washington there are concerns that the weapons end up government deposits "in the wrong hands."

The State Department has run for cover, sending squads in Libya military contractors who, until now funded with $ 30 million, should "secure" the Libyan arsenal. But behind the official mission, there is certainly the implication of taking control of military bases in Libya. Despite the stated commitment not to send "boots on the ground" (ground troops), for quite some time secret agents and special forces of the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Qatar and other , operating on the ground. They have guided air strikes and ground operations conducted. Their mission now is to ensure that Libya "pacified" remains under the control of the powers that have gone the "free".

On October 14, the day the State Department announced the shipment of sub-contractors in Libya, President Obama announced the dispatch of special forces in Central Africa: in the beginning, a hundred soldiers. Their official task is that of "advisers" of local armed forces, brought against the "Lord's Resistance Army." Operation financed by the State Department with so far 40 million dollars.

The real mission of this elite corps, sent by Washington, is to create a network of military control of the area including Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. And while the United States send their own forces in Uganda and Burundi, ostensibly to protect them from atrocities committed by the "Army of the Lord" is said by the inspired Christian mysticism, Uganda and Burundi in Somalia are fighting for behalf of the United States, with thousands of troops against the Islamist group al-Shabab.

These soldiers are backed by the Pentagon in June, provided them for $ 45 million in weapons, including small drones and night sights.

On October 16, two days after the announcement of the U.S. in Central Africa, Kenya has sent troops to Somalia. An initiative officially motivated by the need to protect themselves from bandits and Somali pirates in reality promoted by the United States for their own strategic objectives, after the failure of the Ethiopian military intervention, also promoted by the United States. And Somalia, where the "government" backed by Washington to control just one area of ​​Mogadishu, the CIA is at work for a long time, with local commandos properly trained and armed and subcontractors of private military companies.

The United States are therefore the military control of strategic areas of the continent, Libya, at the intersection between the Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East, the East and Central Africa, straddling the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. The game apparently complicated, becomes clear by looking at a map.Even better on a historical atlas to see how neo-colonialism looks so impressive to the old colonialism.

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