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8 décembre 2011 4 08 /12 /décembre /2011 19:31

The President went very far. This is not a good sign for Côte d'Ivoire. We must put aside politics to say what is true. You can not love this country and do that. There are too many in France.It commits too many errors. Sarkozy can not do everything for us. We need to show him that we ourselves are capable of anything. The day will not be there, what do we do? "Coward's death in the soul of a young executive who will rdr course in anonymity for security issues.

Because the deportation of Gbagbo is almost taboo subject in this political party. The instruction was very clear. He who dares to stand up against the decision of the great leader will have on its behalf. Amadou Soumahoro will be there to engage in vigilante justice. As the brother "unleashed Elephant" is a rogue detector. In rdr therefore the moderate wing that has outraged the decision, can not live her indignation in silence.Without fuss and noise as they would elsewhere in a party-oriented democracy.

"There are many in the entourage of the President not agree as we do. But hey, you understand that no one will dare to say no. " He adds to this effect. This is not the case for me Affoussi Bamba state attorney who had the courage to say that this problem could be resolved between the Ivory Coast. Especially that there are men of laws able to empty this folder. At the highest level, that is to say, in the ranks of its allies in the RHDP, the reality is also indignation.

That's a sentiment shared at all levels of this group. Djedje Mady one of the keepers of the house set the tone on Wednesday. "What a mistake it does not forgive" has won the Secretary General of the PDCI. because all the frames were all rubbed rally Gbagbo. They are convinced that man is deeply humanistic. It is far from Gbagbo described in the press close to the opposition to political issues. But rather, several executives who claim RHDP really fire Houphouet Boigny did finally make it clear that their ally little concern for the future of the ivory coast.


"Are they are aware of the consequences of such a decision.Like it or not, thousands of Gbagbo supporters. It was therefore decided to make peace without them then? "Carried away in its turn, a laying of the PDCI, which decided to be heard soon.And beyond the deportation of the President, the party wentmore and could face the fact that power is in the process ofrolling in the flour after the presidential election.

The PDCI fears what will happen to Bedie President of their party. They know that N'zueba ranks high on the unofficial list of dictators that Paris wants to freeze, by all meansput the assets in European banksFrance may at any time and as it sees fitresurrect the issue. For now, it is put on hold. Because it was just to provide support for the presidential Ouattara.Paris knows that billions looted in Ivory Coast are quietlylodged in banks in Europe. Through the deportation ofGbagbo, the group N'zueba mourns his fate.

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