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4 décembre 2013 3 04 /12 /décembre /2013 12:45

The hypocrisy of many political leaders of the Western world , their ability to take actions based on self- deceit , collusion between the revealed religions , politics and esoteric schools ( secret societies ), encourage many Africans return to traditions inherited from their fathers. Search cultural identity in a world plagued by confusion , an identity crisis, a crisis of faith acute behind the economic crisis we face is encouraging , however, such a work must be conducted with great judgment , objectivity, because only the truth will make us truly free. It is therefore useful for us to know where we come from and where we are going to better understand the barriers that we are called to overcome to successfully end our political struggle , economic, cultural, spiritual . Traditions relating to doctrines , practices transmitted from century to century by word or example. To discover the origin of traditions , secret societies and religions of sacrifice , it is good to analyze, from a spiritual point of view, the story of Creation reported by the three revealed religions. God blessed the first humans (Adam and Eve ) he created with his own hands , and invited them to multiply, dominate, submit the wildlife , eat of every tree of the garden where he had been except the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil may introduce death into a universe created perfect (Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 ) . The orders of the one God to the first men actually represent donations granted to human beings able to multiply , to dominate and submit the fauna and flora, through their intelligence. Seductive to see trees and good to eat symbolize science, the knowledge that every man marveled . Children are fascinated by fire , adults by scientific discoveries , or by divine revelations. The environment, they say, the conditions being; forest of the Amazon to major European cities through the African continent, every nation has developed throughout the centuries , knowledge, know -how, Learn to be , which allows its members to live in peace. Peoples have , throughout their history, developed customary rights , economy , spirituality , customs and traditions of their own . So the traditions are born, above all, the ability of man to live in society , and especially to adapt to its own environment. When does the notion of evil and death have they been introduced in each of our traditions? The original order established by God was broken by Adam and Eve, when they began to exercise their minds on fundamental issues of life, beyond their understanding, and especially when they desired to become gods , autonomous creatures, able to break free of this divine authority. Desire to live without God is a spiritual point of view, take the path of evil is eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil because man naturally knows what is good, but to satisfy his own ambitions , he chose to violate the laws enacted for the happiness of all. Faced with the death of a loved one , desperation may lead , for example, a man to rebel against the divine order. In abundance , men , like Adam , have feet and hands to free themselves from the tutelage of the one God who calls us to serve others and society, not to serve us. In all societies of the world, men chose to violate the boundaries between right and wrong , to violate the laws of their respective companies , to live away from the wisdom of the fathers of the Most High . " Who seeks finds , to him who knocks it will be opened to him who asks will be given ," says Christ Jesus. If you knock on the door of power , domination , wealth and not that of humility and the gift of self to others , the ancient serpent in place of God and teaches you a seemingly identical to the one God wisdom with the aim to make you gods can live without your Creator . The Antichrist is the personification of wisdom that denies the divine wisdom it is called in the Scriptures the chaff. When you're in a rice field where you do not even distinguish the grains of rice , you find it difficult to separate the rice plants of the weed . Proposed by the ancient serpent to Adam and Eve wisdom actually opened their eyes to a new world where they could acquire supernatural powers, but do not allow them to become spiritual men son of light (Gen. 3, 7) . When they saw that they were naked , they made ​​themselves loincloths with fig leaves to cover their nakedness , their vulnerability to creatures of the night world . Fig leaves symbolize spirituality developed in general in all traditional societies of the world, in these secret societies, where man comes into contact with the forces of nature, the spirits which he ignores the real identity. Those who are haunted by the death receive , for example, these spirits can subtract the soul of their next energy to prolong their life on earth. Those who wish to achieve immortality are united by the same ambitions and form secret societies, esoteric schools where they are transmitted from one generation to their doctrines , practices, to become gods on earth without their Creator. Those who adhere to these secret societies innocently because they are seeking the truth will certainly discover wisdom , acquire power to dominate the flora and fauna , their neighbors, but their salvation depends exclusively on the provision of their heart Cain poorly arranged himself murdered his brother Abel because he became the abode of snakes breed Antichrist. What differentiates indeed the serpent of Moses swallowed the lights of Pharaoh, or the brazen serpent shaped by the prophet , vipers , snakes burning ? The snake is actually the symbol of conservative wisdom , which is why Christ Jesus invites us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves . The brazen serpent fashioned by Moses placed on the banner to save the Israelites bitten by pious fiery serpents prefigures Christ crucified Jesus ( No. 21 , 9) . Fiery serpents were created in the image of Christ (the Word of God made flesh ) . The apostle Paul wrote about them : "He makes his angels winds , his ministers a flame of fire " ( Heb 1, 7 ) . These created spirits fiery flames as the Word of God are custodians of divine wisdom creatures , hence their ability to interpret the Scriptures , and to falsify . They are not angels who made ​​them like the wind. They are different from demons and aliens they surpass in wisdom and strength. They are called companions of Christ in the Book of Hebrews ( Heb 1 , 9) , son of God in the Book of Genesis where they procreated Nephilim with the daughters of men . In the Decalogue are identified to false gods . They are masters of wisdom , intermediate creatures between angels and men ... We all world traditions narrow gauge (the good ) and wide track , which led under the authority of the gods , to the formation of secret societies, esoteric schools , subtly , they entrainent many elected of God to destruction . Necromancy ( divination by the evocation of the dead different prayer with the community of saints taught by the Catholic Church ) was rightly forbidden by our Creator because it is virtually impossible for a man to discern these false gods of the saints in heaven . These creatures are disobedient to God to answer our prayers same , in order to make us believe that we venerate the holy angels of the Lord. They are manifested in all traditions as angels of light. Someone believes invoke the spirit of his ancestors when he merely enters into communion with those creatures who have signed pacts with his fathers . This allows them to identify any point to these: voice, face, life ... They are at the origin of many traditional religions. To overcome these fiery serpents , to avoid being the instruments of their will, God introduced Adam and Eve from the religion of sacrifice. With the skin of an animal, he chose to hide the nakedness of man, to strengthen his body and mind (Gen. 3, 21 ) . To Abraham, the son of Jacob , Israel and Ishmael , the Almighty asked to perform the same ritual of sacrifice that protects fiery serpents . These sacrifices are fulfilled in the Word of God made ​​flesh , Jesus of Nazareth. His divine blood is more valuable than animals , and grants to those who call upon him, in spirit and in truth , the victory over his companions, these fiery spirits become the fire of passion that blinds us and we go deaf so that we reject the virtues , justice, divine wisdom , true faith . That fully assumes his destiny and his cross in spirit and in truth as a result of the Most High, for his sake , for Christ, for the virtues , these dark forces triumph . Revealed religions , they teach us sacrifice in fact there is only one God, Creator of heaven and earth . God above God , there is none : In Jesus of Nazareth, his Word , he rest in all its fullness, the spirit of wisdom to be our spiritual guide. - See more at :

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