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7 janvier 2012 6 07 /01 /janvier /2012 13:03

The $ 30 billion before Mr. Obama belong to the African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, African Bank Investments




1 - Shortfall for the West because of the First African SatelliteRASCOM 1

Gaddafi's Libya is offering to all of Africa's first true revolution of modern times: universal coverage of the continent for telephony,television, broadcasting and many other applications such as telemedicine and teaching remote, for the first time a connectionbecomes available at low cost across the continent, even in rural areas through the system by radio WMAX bridge.


The story starts in 1992 when 45 African countries created the company to have a RASCOM African satellite and bring down communication costs on the continent. Call to and from Africa the rate is then the most expensive in the world, because there was a tax of $ 500 million that Europe cashed per year over the telephone even within the same African country for the transit of voice on European satellites such as Intelsat. An African satellite costing just $ 400 million payable only once and never pay 500 million a year lease. What bank would not finance such a project?But the most difficult equation to solve was how the slave can free themselves from exploitation of the slave master in seeking assistance from the latter to achieve this? Thus, the World Bank, IMF, the United States, the European Union have dangled uselessly these countries for 14 years. In 2006, Gaddafi ends the execution of unnecessary begging to the alleged benefactor Western practicing usurious loans, the Libyan leader has put on the table $ 300 million, the African Development Bank has 50 million The West African Development Bank, 27 million and that is Africa since December 26, 2007 the first communications satellite in its history. In the process, China and Russia it is made, this time by selling their technology and enabled the launch of new satellites, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and even a second African satellite was launched in July 2010 And wait for 2020, the first 100% satellite technology-African and built on African soil, especially in Algeria. The satellite is designed to compete with the best in the world, but at a cost 10 times less than a challenge. This is how a symbolic gesture than 300 million small can change the lives of an entire continent. Libya's Gaddafi has lost to the West, not just $ 500 million a year, but the billions of dollars in debt and interest that this same debt allowed to generate infinitely and exponentially, contributing to maintain the system to strip hidden Africa.


2 - African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, African Bank Investments

The $ 30 billion before Mr. Obama belong to the Libyan Central Bank provided for the contribution and Libyan finalizing the African federation through three flagship projects: the African Investment Bank in Sirte, Libya, the creation of this 2011 the African Monetary Fund with a capital of 42 billion dollars with Yaoundé seat, the African Central Bank with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, the first issue of currency will sign the end of the African Franc CFA through which Paris has the upper hand in some African countries for 50 years. It is therefore understandable and once again the rage of Paris against Gaddafi. The African Monetary Fund must replace All in all activities on the African International Monetary Fund, which with only $ 25 billion of capital was able to lap a whole continent with questionable privatizations, such as obliging the African countries to move from a public monopoly into a private monopoly. These are the same Western countries that have hit the door to be also members of the African Monetary Fund and it is unanimous that the 16-17 December 2010 in Yaounde Africans have rejected this lust, establishing that only countries Africans are members of the FMA.
It is evident that after the Western coalition Libya declared its next war with Algeria, because in addition to its huge energy resources, the country has a monetary reserve of 150 billion Euros. What is the envy of all the countries that bombed Libya and all have something in common, they are almost financially bankrupt, the United States alone have 14,000 billion dollars in debt, France, Great Britain and Italy each have about 2,000 billion public debt, while the 46 black African countries have a total of less than $ 400 billion public debt. Create false wars in Africa in the hope of finding oxygen to continue their economic apnea only will get worse qu'enfoncer Westerners in their decline that has taken off in 1884 during the famous Berlin Conference.As predicted because the economist Adam Smith in his support for the abolition of slavery, "the economy of any country that practices slavery of blacks is now a descent to hell to be rude to the day when other nations will wake up "



To destabilize and destroy the African Union is dangerously (the West) to the United States of Africa with the master hand of Gaddafi, the European Union first tried without success to create the map of the UFM (Union for the Mediterranean), it was absolutely necessary to cut off North Africa from the rest of Africa.This failed because Gaddafi refused to go. He quickly understood the game from the moment you spoke of the Mediterranean by combining a few African countries without informing the African Union, but by inviting all the 27 countries of the European Union. The UPM without the main engine of African federation was foirée before you even start, a death - born with Sarkozy as President and Mubarack, the Vice President. What is trying to revive Alain Juppé, while focusing on the fall of Gaddafi, of course. That African leaders do not understand is that as it will be the European Union to fund the African Union, there will always be the starting point, because in these conditions, there will be no effective independence. It is in the same direction as the European Union has encouraged and financed regional groupings in Africa. It was obvious that ECOWAS has an Embassy in Brussels, which derives most of its funding from the EU is a major obstacle against the African federation. This is what Lincoln had fought in the Civil War the United States, because from the moment a group of countries can be found around a regional political organization, this can only weaken the central body. This is what Europe wanted and that's what the Africans did not understand by creating quick succession, COMESA, UDEAC, SADC and the Great Maghreb, which has never worked again with Gaddafi which had well understood



Gaddafi is in the heart of almost all Africans as a very generous man and humanitarian support for disinterested in the battle against the racist regime of South Africa. If Gaddafi was a selfish man, no obligation on him to draw the ire of Western financial and military support for the ANC in its struggle against apartheid.That's why just released its 27 years in prison, Mandela decides to break the UN embargo against Libya October 23, 1997.Because of the embargo even air for 5 long years no plane could land in Libya. To do so, had to fly to Tunisia, Djerba and continue to reach by car for 5 hours to Ben Gardane, cross the border and back in 3 hours drive through the desert to Tripoli. Or, go through Malta and make the crossing at night, on poorly maintained boats to the Libyan coast. A nightmare for a whole people, just to punish one man. Mandela decided to break this injustice and meeting a former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who had found the visit "inappropriate", he rose up: "No State may assume the role of world policeman, and no State can dictate to others what to do. " he added, "those who yesterday were friends of our enemies, are now the nerve to offer me not to visit my brother Gaddafi, they advise us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of yesterday" .Indeed, for the West, the racists of South Africa were the need to protect their brothers. That is why all members of the ANC were considered dangerous of terrorists, including Nelson Mandela. It was not until July 2, 2008, for the U.S. Congress passed a law to remove the name of Nelson Mandela and his comrades of the ANC in this black list, not because they understood the stupidity of such a list but because we wanted to do something for 90 years of Nelson Mandela. If Westerners are now repented of their support to the enemies of yesterday and are really sincere Mandela when he gave the names of streets and squares, how to continue to make war on one who has the victory of Mandela and its people, Gaddafi?



And if Libya's Gaddafi was more democratic than the United States, France, Britain and all those who wage war to export democracy in Libya? On March 19, 2003, President George Bush launched the bombs on the heads of Iraqis with the pretext of exporting democracy. On March 19, 2011, that is to say eight years later to the day, the French President who launches his bombs on the heads of Libyans with the same pretext of offering them democracy. Mr. Obama, Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and President of the United States of America, to justify conducting a flood of Cruise missiles from its submarines on the head of the Libyans said it was to drive the dictator Qadhafi from power and establish democracy.
The question that every human being has the slightest intellectual capacity and appreciation trial can not help but ask is, countries like France, Britain, the United States, Italy, Norway, DenmarkPoland whose legitimacy to bomb the Libyans is based on the mere fact of having self-proclaimed "democratic countries" are they really democratic? If so, are they more democratic than Gaddafi's Libya? The answer is unequivocally no, for the simple reason that democracy does not exist. It was not me who says, but the very one whose hometown, Geneva is home to most of the United Nations Command. This is, of course, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712 which states in Chapter IV of Book III of his famous "Social Contract" that "has never been a real democracy, and n ' to exist forever. " To be truly democratic state that Rousseau poses four conditions under which Gaddafi's Libya is even far more democratic than the United States of America, France and all others who claim it to export democracy namely:


1 - Dimension of the state: more than one state, the less it can be democratic, for Rousseau the state must be very small for the people is easy to assemble and that every citizen can easilyknow all the others. So before people to vote, make sure that everyone knows everyone else or else vote to vote is an actdevoid of any democratic basis is a travesty of democracy to elect a dictator. The organizational structure of the Libyan state is based on a tribal basis which includes by definition the people of small entitiesThe democratic feeling is present in a tribe in a village in a great nation, because the fact that everyone knows and that life revolves around the same common ground brings a kind of self-regulation, self-censorship even to weigh at all times, the reaction or feedback against other members for or againstthe views that you can haveFrom this perspective, it is theLibyan who best meets the requirements of Rousseau, that you can not say the same for the United States of America, France or Great Britain, the highly urbanized societies where mostneighbors do not even say hello and therefore do not know, evenliving side-by-side for 20 years. In these countries, we wentdirectly to the next step "voting" that has sanctified maliciously tohide the fact that this vote is useless from the moment I am speaking about the future of a nation without knowing its members. We came up and the stupidity of the voting citizensliving abroadKnow and talk about is the essentialcommunication for democratic debate preceding any election


2 - It is the simplicity of manners and behaviors to avoid that onespends most of the time talking about justice, court to find solutions to disputes multitude of diverse interests that a company is too complex naturally gives rise . Westernersfinissement die as civilized countries, so the complex moral and Libya as countries called primitive, that is to say, to die single.From this perspective, again, is Libya, which would better meet the democratic criteria of Rousseau that all those who pretend to give lessons in democracy. In a complex societythe many conflicts are resolved by the law of the jungle, as one who is richavoids jail because he can afford a better lawyer and most importantly, guide the repressive apparatus of the state against the stealing a banana in a supermarket, rather than the offenderbrought down a financial bank. In a city like New York where 75% of the population is white, 80% of management positions are occupied by Whites and they are only 20% of people in prison.


3 - Equality in the ranks and fortunes. Just look at the Forbes2010 to see what are the names of the richest people in each country that throws the bomb on the head of the Libyans and see the difference with the lowest wage in each country and do the same for Libya to understand that in terms of redistribution of wealth of the country, to Libya to export its expertise to those whofight and not vice versa. Even in this light, according to Rousseau, Libya would be more democratic than those who want to export itpompously called democracyUnited States 5% of the populationown 60of national wealthIt is the country most unbalanced, the most unequal in the world.


4 - no luxuryFor Rousseau there is democracy in a country,should not there luxury because he said, necessitates the luxuryof wealth and it is virtue, the goal at any price and not thehappiness of the people"the luxury corrupts both the rich and the poor, one for possession, the other by greedit sells the countryto softness and vanity, it deprives State all its citizens to enslaveone another, and all the opinions. "Are there more luxury in France or Libya? This report enslavement of employees who are driven to suicide themselves employees of public or semi-public, for reasons of profitability and thus possession luxury of a party is it more obvious in Libya or West?
The American sociologist C. Wright Mills in 1956 describedAmerican democracy as "the dictatorship of the elite." According to Mills, the United States of America is not a democracybecause ultimately it is money that has replaced the people. The result of each election is the expression of the voice of the money and not the voice of the people. After Bush-Bush-father and son, for the Republican primary in 2012, there is already talk ofBush-benjamin. In addition, if political power is based onbureaucracy, Max Weber pointed out that there are 43 million and military officials in the United States who actually control the country, but have been voted by people who do not respond not directly to the people of their activities. One person (rich) ispassed, but the real power in the field is held by a single caste ofrich is not the result simply that appointments such asambassadors, generals of the army ... etc.

How many people in the self-proclaimed "democratic" know that in Peru the constitution forbids a second consecutive term to the outgoing president? How many people know that in Guatemala, not only the incumbent president should never be a candidate for this function, but in addition to any degree of relationship, no family member can no longer claim this? How many know that Rwanda is the country that integrates the best political women in the world with 49% of women parliamentarians? How many know that in the ranking of the CIA in 2007, 10 countries on the best managed in the world, four are African? With the Palme d'Or to Equatorial Guinea whose public debt represents only 1.14% of GDP.
The civil war, revolts, rebellions are the ingredients of a nascent democracy, Rousseau argues. Because democracy is not an end but an ongoing process to reaffirm the natural rights of humans in all countries (without exception) a handful of men and women, confiscating the people's power, the guides to stay in business. Found here and there forms of castes who usurp the word "democracy" to be the ideal to strive and not to own a label or a chorus to praise because we are just able to shout louder than other. If a country is calm like France or the United States, that is to say without any revolt, for Rousseau it simply means that the system is sufficiently repressive dictatorship to prevent any attempt at rebellion. If the Libyans revolted, it's not a bad thing. It is argued that people stoically accept the system that oppresses them around the world without reacting is very bad. And Rousseau concludes, "Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium-translation: If there were a people of gods, he would govern democratically. So perfect a government is not for men. " Say we kill the Libyans for their own good is a delusion.


After 500 years of relations of domination and dominated with the West, it is therefore proved that we do not have the same criteria to define good and evil. We deeply divergent interests. How can we not lament the Yes of three African countries south of Sahara, Nigeria, South Africa and Gabon to resolve 1973 inaugurating a new form of colonization called "protection of peoples", validating the racist theory that Europeans carry from the 18th century that North Africa has nothing to share with Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa would be more advanced, more educated and more civilized than the rest of Africa. It is as if Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria were not part of Africa. Even the United Nations seem to ignore the legitimacy of the African Union on its member states.The aim is to isolate the sub-Saharan countries to better and weaken them under control. Indeed, in the capital of the new African Monetary Fund (AMF), Algeria with $ 16 billion, and Libya with 10 billion to help them on their own for nearly 62% of capital is 42 billion dollars The first sub-Saharan Africa and most populous, followed by Nigeria, South Africa reach far behind with $ 3 billion each.
It's very disturbing that for the first time in UN history, we declared war on a people without any previously explored track to solve the problem peacefully.
Africa still has its place in such an organization? Nigeria and South Africa are willing to vote YES to all that the West demand, because they naively believe in the promises of each other to give them a place of permanent member in the Security Council with the same right of veto. They forget both that France has no power to assign any position. If she had, long ago that Mitterrand would have done for Germany Helmut Kohl. The UN reform is not on the agenda. The only way to count is the Chinese method: all the 50 African countries have to leave the United Nations. And if they have to return one day, do so only if they got what they have long called for, a position for the entire African federation or nothing.

This method of nonviolence is the only weapon of justice available to the poor and weak we are. We simply leave the United Nations since that organization through its configuration, its services hierarchy is the strongest.
We must leave the United Nations to mark our disapproval of this world view based solely on the crushing of the weaker. At least they will be free to continue to do so, but not with our signature, not remembering that we agree when they know very well that they have never questioned. Even when we gave our own point of view, as the meeting of Saturday 19 / 3 in Nouakchott with the declaration of annoyance to military action, this was simply passed over in silence do the package to go to bomb African people.
What is happening today is the scenario seen before in China.Today, we recognize Ouattara government, we recognize the government of the insurgents in Libya. This is what happened at the end of the Second World War with China. The international community is priced chose Taiwan as the sole representative of Chinese people instead of Mao's China. It was not until 26 years is to say, October 25, 1971 with Resolution 2758 that all Africans should read to end human stupidity. China is allowed, except that it claimed and got to be a permanent member with veto must, otherwise it does not. This requirement is satisfied and the resolution of admission into force, it will take a year to 29 September 1972, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs shall respond with a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, not to say Yes or Please but to tune-in guarantee of dignity and respectability. What Africa hopes to get the United Nations poses a strong act to enforce? We have seen in the Ivory Coast a United Nations official is considered over a constitutional institution of the country. We entered this organization is willing to be serfs and believe that we are invited to the table to eat with others in the dishes we washed is simply gullible, worse, stupid.When the AU recognizes the victory of Ouattara without taking into account the findings are contrary to its own observers sent to the field, just to please our former masters, how can we meet?When the South African president Zuma declares that Ouattara has not won the elections and changes to 180 ° to the contrary after a visit to Paris in eight hours, one might wonder what value these leaders who represent and speak on behalf 1 billion Africans.
The strength and true freedom of Africa will come from its ability to take actions and think about the consequences. Dignity and respectability at a price. Are we willing to pay? If not, our place is in the kitchen or the bathroom to ensure the comfort of others.Meanwhile, in Libya, the bombs that we described as the roses falling from the sky to reforest the Libyan desert, are French, American, British, Italian, Canadian, Norwegian, but the victims are African, all African. Yes it is a war declared to all African people, not a man, not a country.*

Geneva on 28/03/2011

Jean-Paul Pougala - pougala@gmail.com
(*) Jean-Paul Pougala is a writer from Cameroon, director of the Institut d'Etudes geostrategic and professor of sociology at the University of Diplomacy Geneva, Switzerland.

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