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14 décembre 2011 3 14 /12 /décembre /2011 23:06

Yaoundé. He introduced himself yesterday before the Disciplinary Board where he was heard as well as other football officials in Cameroon.
 It is 10:50 on Monday, at the Hotel Mont Febe, when the vehicle Chrysler, black, belonging to Samuel Eto'o made ​​his entrance. Inits descent, Odilia, a lady who works at the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), goes to the captain of the Indomitable Lions


It appears to have come and said the host, to take him in the hall of the hearings. The player Anzhi Makhachkala fulminates, "You areas dishonest as the people of FECAFOOT". It follows the protocol that leads to the basementHere is the lounge Abbia, the room where members of the Disciplinary Boardin full, beganhearings

In the lobby is Mveng Francis, one of the Vice-Presidents ofFECAFOOT. Samuel Eto'o rushes to him and in his usual smile,the index and threatens: "I ​​will complain," smiled back "I willcomplain" and then a third time "I will complain. Although Cameroon is Cameroon. Do not come near me ever again. "He turns to go back to the reception, but not before swinging, "Thieves! ".
The scene takes place before an army of journalists, photographers and cameramen who do not want to leave. Someconfide that the fury of the captain of the Indomitable Lions is that it has considered the report of Francis Mveng, representingFECAFOOT, after the players' strike, in Marrakech. Francis had accused Mveng Samuel Eto'o in the rapport.Samuel Eto'o, can not wait any longer before the hearings room, was obliged to goto a hotel room "to relax"


At noon he went to the restaurant for lunchwhile waiting to becalled. Meanwhile, Patrick Ebodé Tsanga, the head of legal cell, was heard first as a representative of FECAFOOTthen BlaiseOmgba, the Director of Sports high level, representing theMinister for Sport in Marrakech, and Francis Mveng . DenisLavagne, coach of the Indomitable Lions and Martin NdtoungouMpilahis assistant, sitting from morningreturned to the room at 13:30 to show after an hour.
14:30. Abdoulaye Ado, a member of the commission, shows upat the door and uses Benoît Assou Ekottoor his representative.No one presentIt is the turn of Enoh Eyong, also absent. One learns that he has the same lawyer as Samuel Eto'o. The captain of the Lions called, appeared with his lawyersBut especially with Benoit Angbwa, his teammateThe hearing lasted from 2:48 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.Samuel Eto'o is advised by his lawyers not to make a statement to the press. End of the day for Samuel Eto'o, who is leaving the Hotel Mont FebeHe was stopped at the entrance, by fans, who show their support, despite the presence of a strongsquad of policewaited all day.

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Rudy 07/05/2014 21:40

HORRIBLE writing or translation for a bilingual country

enricpatrick 17/05/2014 17:02

thank help me