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2 janvier 2012 1 02 /01 /janvier /2012 17:24

You can not lead the world without a strong military alliance. Several years ago the experts were talking about a new global governance brought by the United States and China called G2.For the West, was a compromise which would have meant that he had not lost the train of the upheavals of the 21st century, asrepresented in the G2 by one of their own, the United States.

And bang. Because of a war against Libya more awkward all thisis over. This war led to the creation of G2, yes, but a new G2 that no one had expected, a G2 military construction between Chinaand Russia. Both countries have in fact, because of what they callan unjustified aggression against Libya, decided to strengthentheir collaboration in a range of strategic sectors with the declared aim of halting the West belligerent;

Celebrating 10 years of friendship between the two new countries in Moscow from 16 to 18 June 2011 last turned into a War Council to launch the new G2. The West hoped to seize the African energy resources beginning with those Libya to try a diktat on Chinese economic policy will have to revise its plans as the new G2 has already found a solution. And Russia will become the leading supplier of energy products in China, thus allowing the latter to relative risk and the weight of Africa in its supplies and Russia can do without his biggest client, Europe without which it could not have sufficient financial resources for its development.Thus, the war against Libya for Europe has become a real boomerang given to the figure: she thought the use of ground maneuvers to control unspoken term oil and gas in Africa, it is the contrary within the scope of a blackmail Russian supplies a faucet may be closed to early winter in Moscow if it is not sufficiently docile. The new agreements with China to allow Moscow to hold the valve closed for months without detriment to his case too much. As the authorities in Moscow repeated at will, "with the Chinese we will be required to emancipate ourselves from Europe" also after the new agreement signed by Chinese President during this visit, the largest consumer of energy products coming 20-30 years becomes an inconvenient competitor for Europe now not be able to negotiate their prices with Russia as before, so it must be prepared to pay more for gas. And after the recent agreements stipulated between Russia and Algeria, to form a gas cartel, one can expect a doubling of prices of Russian gas pumped to Western Europe. We had gone to steal the Libyan oil, you get to lose Russian gas, 100 times as important as the Jamahiriya. They are true geniuses these European leaders! If our European scouts have provided the same kind of advice to African leaders, we can then ask why be surprised that after 50 years of independence fed such advice, we have stood still in Africa or that is went backwards.


The story starts 18 November 2009 when the Russian news agency Novotni triumphantly wrote these words titleNyetNyet,Nyetto describe the "No" to the Chinese American proposalmade ​​by Mr. Obama during his first visit to the Middle Kingdomto form the famous China G2 to meet together the challenges of governance problems of the 21st centuryEven then, China hadnoted that his worldview was diametrically opposed to that of the United States of America and she saw no convergence of viewsbetween the two countries on several burning issues of the crisiswith the Iran's problem with North KoreaFor Americans, the bombs were the best remedies to the problems of the planetwhile for the Chinese, the bombs were the demonstration of the failure of human intelligence to solve problems as they arecomplicatedThe war in Libya has given us the epilogue of this reorganization of the world to the new world order that has yet tovenir.La China and Russia have decided to consult regularly and have a position on all important matters of news World again and again favoring dialogue, dialogue and yet always the dialogue.The war of the West against Libya finally turned the corner in the 20th century, the century of wars cyclical from the west, the century of colonial wars in Africa and Asia and imperialists in South AmericaThe double veto by China and Russia to the United Nations on the Syrian crisis reflects the seriousness of this new G2 to become a real counterweight to the ambitions of the West often suicidalAnd the world can only be welcomed.

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