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26 novembre 2011 6 26 /11 /novembre /2011 18:44

The 3rd World War started

In October 2002, I read the book of Laurent Artur du Plessis, "the 3rd world war began," which had just been published. I was very impressed with its content and conclusions marked a surprising and frightening realism. I thought of writing as succinctly as possible, to the personal information of my family, a summary of this book of 265 pages, drawing as much as possible in his sentences, his words, his actions, its history and its arguments.
M. du Plessis was born in 1952 in Algeria. Journalist with Le Figaro magazine from 1978 to 1991, he specializes in geopolitical and consultant at the International Institute of Strategic and Economic Analysis (IASE). In drafting the economic and financial part of his book, he appealed to a French journalist pioneering Francis Gelin, a specialist in economics and finance.
Please note that this book was published several months before the U.S. President's decision to declare war in Iraq.
The back cover of the book reads:
Born in the glowing cauldron of Civilization, the hellish process of the Third World War quickly takes its course. Nothing and nobody can stop it. The blasters are Islamic fundamentalists, engaged in an inexorable rise to power in the land of Islam. Ascension accelerated by the climate of madness that unfolds, as a result of Israeli-Palestinian tensions, Iraqi and US-Indo-paskistanaises.But also by the stock market crash resulting in a very short term economic crisis far more tragic than that of 1929.
The main chapters are:

The summary of 58 pages was completed December 13, 2002 and sent to my family and friends over the Internet. With everything that is happening in the Middle East, the document is still relevant. I suggest you buy this book you will understand more about the realism of the thesis of the author Laurent Artur du Plessis. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading my summary.


The return of history
The attack of September 11, 2001 against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon triggered the hell of the 3rd World War and on the return of history, which is essentially tragic. The West was stunned and did not think that the Islamists were able to strike at the heart's holy of holies: New York. The "dominant thinking" in the West repudiated the very idea of ​​such a war. The fall of the Berlin Wall seemed to assure the triumph of rationalist thought.The collapse of the Soviet Union put an end to the Cold War and brought the optimism we felt we had no enemies and that we would live under the reign of the benevolent hegemony of American democracy Israelis and Palestinians signed the Oslo Accords and the Middle East peace became inevitable.
Americans and many Europeans did business with the Islamic fundamentalists, and so were their allies, especially as they were operating in over rich oil and gas. They financed, without qualms, the Taliban, for the right to pass a pipeline through Afghanistan to the sea of ​​Oman. They flirted with the GIA, murderers of children, to get their hands on the oil and gas in Algeria. In the Balkans, Chechnya they did everything to encourage what was bad for the Russians and grab their oil and gas.
It suddenly discovering the existence of Osama bin Laden, the millionaire from the best universities, and suicide bombers too, for the most educated people, graduates, lacking nothing and can be easily integrated in the life west before flowing on a skyscraper at the controls of an airliner, the "dominant thinking" saw shattered the dream of universal peace and began to understand that Islamic fundamentalists are provided with aproject to replace the world order and they are not doomed to remain marginal.

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