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2 janvier 2012 1 02 /01 /janvier /2012 17:18

Today the new world order is being set up after the heavy sacrifice of Africa, after the shock of thousands of deaths from Ivory Coast with 1200 villagers Duékoué and tens of thousands of deaths Libyans, even if NATO decided to insult our intelligenceby talking about this zero death and, after 26,323 trips, 9,658bombing raids7,700 bombs and missiles fired by NATO inLibya, with the complicity of Nation-United were supposed toprotect them. The British NGO Stop the War Coalition has certified the use of NATO weapons of mass destruction in Libyathrough the bombs and missiles containing the famous DU (depleted uranium) is depleted uranium, to kill as many people aspossibleDaniele Cardette Articolo3 in the Italian newspaperthe figure of 60,000 dead. This is the Italian newspaper Nibiru2012which concluded that 60,000 deaths a Libyan population of 6 million are 1% of the population decimated by NATO in Libya andthat this would amount in proportion to 3 million Americans thatforeign powers would decimate with non-conventional bombs.And instead of conducting any investigation, the UN has alsoturned his headto Abidjan for the wicked appointed President GbagboIt is against all that China has decided to take the lead and set up a new world order. Here's how:


1 - The Chinese yuan replace the dollar

China can not claim to lead a new world order without the credible world power. There are experts who say that long ago that China has become the first world power. True, but they do not know is that the mere fact that the United States of America can print their currency the dollar to serve the entire planet just waiting for it to pay their trade provides a financial benefit de facto unprecedented in the United States on any potential rival to his throne. And beyond its true economic weight, the strategic positioning of the country's currency up to the throne unconditional first world power. The evil potential leverage was underestimated by many years. But one element has changed the game and these are the two Libyan Ivorian crisis and then when the United States and its European allies have played on the monetary lever to bend the enemy of the moment. By violating all the rules of international law, they have unilaterally froze the bank accounts of Côte d'Ivoire first and Libya then that the two countries held in the West, up close branches of private banks in Europe Côte d'Ivoire, even against the advice of the government. This technique of war launched by the West and tested twice in Africa has alarmed China, which has since realized that she could not wait long to create and guide the new world order and that to achieve this, had just signed the end of the U.S. dollar as reference currency in the world. In the war of the West against Libya in June 2011 it managed to convince Russia to dispense with the dollar now and use the Chinese currency for trade. This will be the same with African countries for the most part after the assassination of Libyan and delaying the African common currency originally planned for 2016, the Chinese yuan remains inconvertible, is becoming the currency exchange with China since 2010 is the first economic partner in Africa.
In Latin America, the Chinese initiative was received witheuphoria for countries that could do more than the arrogance of their powerful northern neighbor. In Venezuela, President HugoChavez that will go away simply by emptying the coffers of theWestern gold reserves that his country held since the governance of its predecessors. But the hardest part was yet to come: to convince a country still under U.S. military occupation for over 60 years to reach the new world order that China has decided to set upFinally, on Christmas Day, on 25/12/2011 during the visit ofJapanese Prime Minister in Beijing an agreement is reached tomove the dollar, that is to say that the second and third powereconomy in the world China and Japan will now use the Chinese currency for trade. The departure from Tokyo due to the military weakness of the West exposed by the cacophony and especially financial difficulties encountered when trying to bend Gaddafi for 7 long months. What has made ​​it clear to Japan that in case ofarmed conflict with China, the United States are simply not able to help as much to make peace right away and put themselves under the umbrella of Beijing. South Korea and India will soon joinBrazil to be part of this new boardAfter the vote of South Africaand Nigeria for a UN resolution to go to war in an African country, both countries are sufficiently credible to be part of the globalexecutive who form Guide to China?

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