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26 novembre 2011 6 26 /11 /novembre /2011 19:16

PART FIVE: The domino effect of the conflict the West-Islam on the world

The board of the Third World War
West-Islam war ignites the world. Asia enter into war: India attack Pakistan became Islamic fundamentalist. China and Iran, allies of Pakistan, will come to his rescue. Japan attacked China.

Nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan

The government of Pervez Musharraf lost in the big hullabaloo fundamentalist. India will not support the existence of the new Pakistani government, Islamist hardline, eager for jihad, reveling in the power it will provide the nuclear arsenal of the "land of the pure."
The United States will be very worried too, because of the spread of nuclear bombs that are sure to hold the fundamentalists in favor of the States at war against the West. -This time, the Americans will push the Indians to nuclear war designed to destroy Pakistan before it strikes. And West-Islam conflict will spread to Asia. The victims in the millions. It will mass against mass. Pakistan, with its 145 million people face an India that has one billion, will be bloodless.

China and Iran against India

China and Iran come to the aid of its ally Pakistan, the amount so online alongside Islam. China, Pakistan and Iran are the last ten years a triangular alliance. China helps these two Islamic countries to set up an arms industry.
China and India are the two great rival powers of Asia. Their clash is inevitable. China enslaving the states of Southeast Asia.The Chinese do not snuff designs multipolar security. Until the arrival of Western powers in the Far East, international relations are focused on China, according to different types of subordination, autonomy and cooperation.
North Korea will comply with China. They have common cultural denominators. Korea has often sided with China in the past.
Malaysia, where the Chinese diaspora is located, has a policy tinged with anti-Westernism. Thailand, frightened by the threat of Viet Nam is ready to pledge allegiance to China.
Indonesia and Vietnam have views over the Spratly Islands, located in the South China Sea, which are full of oil. China, of course, intends to lay hands on these islands, whose oil reserves it will be vital when the oil supplies from the Middle East have been interrupted by the events of World War III. Vietnam fearing another confrontation with China, following the 1979, will prefer to go along with him. Overall, the countries of Southeast Asia are in the same state of mind vis-à-vis China. It will find a modus vivendi with its ally Islam, about the Xinjiang province of the west, where seven million Muslims live irredentist.


Japan against China

China, taking control of the Spratly islands and straits are a lifeline for Japan, worry about it. Japan, whose military budget is the second in the world, will soon go to war against China. It has a nuclear arsenal, and its ally North Korea too. But Japan will be backed by the United States. They will be forced to intervene on behalf of their Japanese ally by conducting nuclear tests in China, its urbanization in the last decade has made it more vulnerable.

Russia does remain in the Western camp?

What will Russia? Will continue she along with the West against the Islamic-Asian block, or does it yield to anti-Western tendencies of a resurgent pan-Slavism? Russia seems to be firmly secured to the Western camp, an anti-Islamic holy alliance was established between the United States and Russia, which has a free hand in Chechnya. The Islamists want to "reconquer" Muslim Russia was at the time of the Mongol Golden Horde. The antagonism between Orthodox and Muslim worlds is clear.
But thanks to the economic crisis, the current anti-Western and pan-Slavic could experience a rapid rise. It is not impossible that this current sacrifices his occidentalophobie before the rest. In this case, Russia would give Bonaparte playing Russian alliance with Islam (to end it leads to destabilizing actions against it).
The choice will the Russian bear will be decisive in the fate of Europe. If he stands against the West, it will cause great harm, but the clash of exhausting. He can not prevent China from overrunning populated Eurasia.

Winners and losers

As the first two, this World War III will significantly change the world stage. The losers will be Islam, Europe and Russia. The winners. The United States and China.


America, flagship state of the West, will see its role confirmed by the Third World War. In a world where everything will rebuild, she will experience an economic boom and political prodigious, who will wear to new heights. It will be the engine of capitalism renovated, clean of its past excesses.
China will, too, pulled out of the game, having deftly orchestrated an Islam which has served as a tactical force in the global conflict.It will certainly have suffered, too, massive destruction, but it will not be in a state of overpopulation. It has established its hegemony over Southeast Asia, and perhaps Russia and Europe.

The losers

Europe does emerge from World War III having achieved political unity? The political unification of large has always done in the war strategy. The American unit was done at the cost of the Civil War, German unification by the confrontation with Austria and the 1870 war with France, Italian unification took place, too, in the noise of weapons.
Another hypothesis: Europe subservient to the authority in China.
In any case, it will have paid a very heavy price for this World War III, which will be largely conducted on its soil.
Poor countries will emerge from this disaster almost entirely depopulated, and hit hard by its political fallout, economic and military. In particular, the Islamic countries.
Combined with the Great Depression, World War III will have reduced mankind half or two thirds of its workforce.

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