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3 mars 2012 6 03 /03 /mars /2012 15:06

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has compiled several archives of the CIAestablishing links between the Agency and the institutions and people who have had close relations with Barack Obamahis parentshis grandmother and his stepfatherThe first partof his case highlights the involvement of Barack Obama Sr. in the actions of the CIA in KenyaThese operations were aimed at countering the rise of communism in Sino-Sovietinfluence in student circles, and beyond, they were also intended to obstruct the emergence of African leaders not aligned.

Business International Corporation, the CIA front in which the future president was exercising the United Statesorganized conferences bringing together the most powerful leaders and employed journalists as agents abroadThe work conducted qu'ya Barack Obama in 1983 is consistent with the mission of spying for the CIA has met his mother,Stanley Ann Dunham in the 1960safter the coup in Indonesiafor behalf of other CIA frontcompaniesincluding the East-West Center at the University of Hawaiithe U.S. Agencyfor International Development (United States Agency for International Development,USAID[1and Ford Foundation [2]. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama'sstepfatherthe East-West Center in 1965Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 as an officer senior to assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno [3]
Barack Obama Sr. met Dunham in 1959 when Russian courses at the University ofHawaiiHe was among the lucky winners of a ferry service between the East Africa andthe U.S. to bring 280 students in various academic institutions uniennes statesAccording to a report from Reuters in London on September 12, 1960this operation simply enjoyeda "help" the only Foundation Joseph P. KennedyIt aimed to train and indoctrinate futureagents of influence in Africaa continent while becoming the ground of the power strugglebetween the United Statesthe Soviet Union and China to influence the plans of the newlyindependent or about to become.

When selecting expatriate studentsMasinda Mulirovice president of the Kenya AfricanDemocratic Union (Kenya African Democratic UnionKADU), denounced the tribalpreferences favoring the majority ethnic and minority group Kukuyus Luo. This favoritismfavored supporters of the Kenya African National Union (Kenya African National Union,KANU), led by Tom Mboyathe unionist and nationalistThis is Mboya who chooses to send Barack Obama senior attend the University of HawaiiObama senior then married,father of a child and waiting for a second child in KenyaDunham married on the island ofMaui February 2, 1961Dunham was pregnant with Barack Obama three months agowhen his union with Obama seniorIt became the first African student to integrate a U.S.

Also according to Reuters, also said Muliro would want to send a delegation to the United States to investigate Kenyan students who received "gifts" from the Americans and to"ensure that gifts given to students at the future [are] managed by people sincerelyconcerned about the development of Kenya"
Mboya received at the time a grant of 100,000 dollars from the Foundation Joseph P.Kennedyunder the invitation program for African studentsafter having refused the same offer from the State DepartmentClearlyMboya was concerned would have arousedsuspicions U.S. assistance directly in Kenya's political pro-communistalready suspiciousof his ties to the CIAThe program was funded by the Joseph P. Kennedy and the Foundation of African-American studentsObama Sr. was not part of the first groupairlifted to the United States but one of the followingThis assistance program for African studentsorganized by Mboya in 1959included students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland and Northern (now Malawi.

Reuters also reports that accused Muliro favoritism for the selection of recipients of U.S. aid "to disrupt and embitter other African students"Muliro said that" the advantage wasgiven to the tribes majority [the Kikuyu and Luoand that many students selected by theUnited States had failed the entrance exams while other students were non-selected statebest recommendations"
Obama Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a native of the Luo tribeAfter Mboya's assassination in 1969Obama Sr. testified at the trial of alleged murdererSenior Obamaclaimed to have been the target of an attempted murder in the street after his court appearance.
Obama Sr. left Hawaii for Harvard in 1962 and divorced Dunham in 1964He married aHarvard studentRuth Niedensanda U.S. Jewishwith whom he returned to Kenya and had two childrenTheir union also ended in divorceObama Sr. worked at the Ministry of Finance and the Kenyan Ministry of Transport and within an oil companyObama Sr. died in a car accident in 1982major Kenyan politicians attended his funeralincluding RobertOukowho became Minister of Transport and was assassinated in 1990.
The CIA documents indicate that Mboya was an important agent of influence on behalf of the CIAnot only in Kenya but across AfricaAccording to a weekly report of secret CIA(CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summarydated November 19, 1959Mboya was responsible for monitoring the extremists in the second Pan-African Conference in Tunis.

"Serious friction [had] developed between Prime Minister of GhanaKwame Nkrumah,and the Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya who [had] actively participated in December[1958] to monitor extremists in the first Pan African Conference in Accra . "The terms" actively participated "suggest that Mboya was cooperating with the CIAwhose report wasprepared by its field staff in Accra and Tunis. It was during this period of "collaboration"with the CIA in Accra and Tunis that Mboya allotted to Obama senior a scholarship andwas offered the opportunity to go abroad and enter the University of Hawaiiwhere he met and married the mother of the current president of the United States.
In a weekly report of secret CIA oldestdated April 3, 1958appear these words"[Mboya]remains one of the most promising African leaders"The CIA, in another secret weekly reportdated December 18, 1958the Kenyan nationalist Mboya called a" young voicecapable and dynamic "during his participation in the proceedings of the Pan African Conference, and was seen as opposing "extremists" such as Nkrumahsupported by.

In a declassified CIA document on the Pan African Conference of 1961Mboya's conservatism, like that of the Tunisian Slim Talebis clearly defined as the counterweightto the politics of Nkrumah left the clanThe pro-Communist were elected to head theorganizing committee of the Pan-African Conference at the Cairo conference in 1961,which was attended MboyaIn the CIA reportthe names of several of these leaders are mentionedthat of the Senegalese Abdoulaye DialloSecretary General of the Pan African Conferencethe Algerian Ahmed Bourmendjelthe Angolans Mario de Andradeof theNtau Mokhele Basutoland (Lesotho former), the Cameroonians Kingue AbelAntoineKiwewa the Belgian Congo (now DRC), the Ghanaian Kojo BotsioIsmail Touré ofGuineaT. O. Dosomu Johnson of LiberiaMali's Modibo Diallothe Moroccan MahjoubBen SeddikDjibo Bakari Niger, Tunji Otegbeya Nigeria, Kanyama Chiume of Nyasaland,the Somali Abdullahi Alithe South African Tennyson Makiwaneand Mohamed FouadGalal united Arab Emirates.
The only participants who received the approval of the CIA were Mboya (which is every indication that he was an indicator of the CIA), Joshua Nkomo, a native of Southern RhodesiaB. Munanka TanganyikaAbdel Magid Tunisians Shaker and Ugandans John

Nkrumah was finally dismissed in 1966 after a military coup organized by the CIAwhile on a state visit to China and North VietnamThis operation was implemented one year afterthe agency took against President Sukarnoanother military coup in which Obama'smother's family played a roleSome evidence suggests that Mboya's assassination in 1969was organized by Chinese agents acting on behalf of the government factions charged by the Kenyan presidentJomo KenyattaMboya to fight against and thereby eliminate a politician African pro-American unien leadingAll embassies in Nairobi had put their flagsat half mast in memory of Mboyaexcept one, the People's Republic of China.

The influence exerted by Mboya in Kenyatta's regime will last long after his deathwhenObama Sr. was still aliveIn 1975Josiah Kariukia socialist member of KANU (the party he helped to set up with Mboya and Obama Sr.was assassinatedAfter the murder,Kenyatta government sent three ministers who rebellious "were related to either personallyKariukieither Mboya"This information was originally classified as secret (classification level Umbra), she appeared in several memos from the CIA in the Middle East, Africa andSouth AfricaShe was later posted on the network COMINT June 24, 1975The information in this reportas evidenced by its level of classificationfrom eavesdroppingconducted by the Kenyan Ministry of InteriorNobody has ever been accused of murderingKariuki.
Wiretapping associates Mboya and Kariuki is a proof that the NSA and the CIAmaintained their surveillance of Barack Obama Sr.an individual, as an alien in the United Stateswhich was likely to be subject occasionally the wiretapping lawwhich are responsible NSA and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ, the electronic

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