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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 00:40

The resurgence of the issue Bamileke in the current democratic wave, immediately renewed in the political field Cameroonian issues of the alleged hegemony of populations usually designated by this ethnonym dedicated, in that since the colonial, this ethnic group is presented, both in popular culture than in high culture as being in or seeking hegemony in Cameroon. Taking advantage of the democratic opening of 90 years, this perception seemed to increase, the Bamileke are increasingly seen as wanting to make a political translation of the majority population and control of economic and financial areas that they attributes, and dedicate this supposed hegemony, including the seizure of political power for which an irresistible craving the incline. And in this sense, they would be the mysterious cause of failures and deficiencies that may suffer the social body. The famous project Bamileke and would date from the case Ndongmo Bishop (2), Bishop of Nkongsamba in the 60's. Thus, in democratic Louverture, a vast literature on this subject will be produced, made a trial of intentions and replicas, through which the Bamileke issue seems to be the same node Gordian ethnic rivalries in Cameroon or the democratic process.

The Bamileke Have a unity consciousness or the question of hegemony is it that ideological concept, a pure social construction convenient to blame the question and find a pretext for ideological offensive? Is it by the constructivist paradigm or paradigm essentialist lethnicité quil must understand the problem? These are the lines of questioning in a position to serve as a rationale for a national debate on this issue, a debate whose conditions seem well met today incidentally.

Anyone who deals with a delicate problem is the risk of sexpose lethnocentrisme or that of lethnophobie, depending quon is Bamileke or not. Lon and therefore will not be limited by quà offer the reader a guided tour through ethnic literature in Cameroon. At least, the abundant production of the various representations to the charge and discharge of impulses of socio-political hegemony of the Bamileke provides an important set of indicators on the real issues dun inevitable national debate appropriate. But above all, it should present the social complexity of the bottom of which saw the issue Bamileke.

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