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2 mars 2014 7 02 /03 /mars /2014 20:39

Stung by Western lies, anxious to defend their country and their democracy , Ukrainians seem to wake up. This is only the beginning. Some thought that once the coup against Viktor Yanukovych made ​​, they would live in opulence. But we had to tell them that any aid is binding , with budget cuts in all sectors , so that fools bristle .

A still believe that the world is unipolar or refuse to see that the world is multipolar , this binary vision of the planet between one side them, the good and the other bad , will play tricks with Westerners. Continuing to behave around the world like a bull in a china shop , the fall of the pedestal will be even more spectacular than disastrous . There will be cries of fears , tears , pain . Russia is neither Libya nor Ivory Coast let alone Syria. Many media - sheep, which ingest a tasteless stew and little taste of their listeners , readers and viewers are in penury . But it was enough to tell the truth not to be distraught.

How can we explain that today those who have validated the coup can complain about the attitude of the Crimea? Is not this the same scenario in Kiev ? On what some would therefore , them permission to love Europe , I should say , love Europe , and others allowed to say their love of Russia? As I mentioned in a tweet a few minutes ago , Obama and his minions believed that Kiev was the navel of Ukraine. There is nothing , it's just the capital.

After the Crimea, ie the entire south-eastern edge of the country, Sebastopol Simferopol through to Feodosiya Kerch , where it is the Russian flags float there now . Authorities are asking the same with Russia. That is to say , the Chinese puzzle is happening in the skull of Barack Obama and his minions . But it is also that international relations that do not respect human rights or sovereignty of small states. It is neither to Sarkozy or Obama, fathers invasion of Libya we will learn . Moreover , in addition , mocking the noise and fury West , Russia will send 30 armored men and 6000 at the request of the Crimea to protect ! They speak of "invasion" in the media. There is nothing, it's the same crap , the same propaganda ...

In Donetsk , a Russian flag was hoisted on the regional administration of the city during the meeting which was attended by over 10,000 people , no less - Saturday. Despite his betrayal , that of letting the Nazis succeed in Kiev , they certainly supported by the West, Yanukovich was balm to the heart . Here is his stronghold . Songs in honor of Russia and waved banners . Faced with this people , Obama they cry loudly , nobody hears but there worse because it is facing Russia. Impossible in communication to threaten , as you would with formulaic " Gbagbo must go! " " Assad must go " or " Gaddafi must go " all in flagrant violation of law, behind which they try shamefully hide.

In Kharkov, after clashes with euromaïden , pro- Russian auyant took over , things have accelerated. In the center of the city of Kharkov, which was held a rally in defense of the city , protesters pro-Russian pierced towards the building of the regional administration , on the site of Svoboda (Freedom ) before to do hoist the Russian flag. O can say that the real revolution began.

In Odessa, folder to which we return later in the day without doubt, the civilian population , according to our correspondent on the spot , needs to be equipped to deal with the nazis in Kiev. The doomsayers or historians are immediacy for their expenses. All these clowns stamped journalists who have clearly that the parchment, probably understand that the events are not always what they want. Their lack of ethics play their dirty tricks . Indeed, nothing is written in advance. Their morbid and deadly dialectic can not be a panacea.

International Relations bring into play , too many parameters . In Ukraine , obviously , Western policies, relying only on their muscles, are still not understood by relying on barkers illiterate ultra- violent and small nazis . Because the discipline of political science, such as International Relations , is vast. In the Ukrainian case , anthropology , cultural anthropology , law, economics, geography, history , psychology and sociology are the components forgotten ... These amateurs who do not understand what happens to them , n have not also considered transnational actors , dealing with trade , in short , of the economy.

In the specific case of Russia, barking dogs do not bite ... As the young people say , " this is to type " ... As for the Russian President , Vladimir Putin, he did not personally expressed on the new political situation in Ukraine. Face of adversity , man pursed lips . As the poem " Death Wolf " by Alfred de Vigny , " Only silence is great, everything else is weakness ." Find the error!

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