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2 janvier 2012 1 02 /01 /janvier /2012 17:29

Only four days after the outbreak of bombings against Libya, it is through the voice of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that the West was informed March 23, 2011 to the end of the disarmament agreements Strategic just concluded between States U.S. and Russia. The latter was indignant at what he described as an "assault-type medieval" in concluding that this was becoming a trend in the foreign policy of Washington: the bombs fired by hundreds in a single night on the designated enemy of the moment. The worst always comes from the mouth of the Russian Prime Minister informs us that the Americans had used a nuclear attack (even with non-nuclear weapons), such as Stealth bomber stealth B-2 Spirit that hit civilian targets Libya, a friendly country that had yet signed all international agreements intended by Washington to abandon all nuclear programs, civilian or military, a real cowardice: it ensures that you are helpless before coming to knock you and Mr. Putin concluded: "This confirms that Russia is right to strengthen its defense capabilities." The next day, the Russian Defence Minister also told us that the death of disarmament agreements just signed a year ago with Washington. Thus, for the period 2011-2020 Russia boosts its equipment with a budget of 665 billion dollars to build: 5 space vehicles, defense systems missilistiques 21, 35 bombers, 109 combat helicopters, 3 submarines that can launchnuclear missiles at 10,000 km away. As early as 2012, the Russian army will be equipped with new intercontinental missiles and benefit from an investment of $ 2.6 billion to develop new types of more sophisticated by 2013. And as we confirmed the Italian journalist Manlio Dinucci, with the first bomb dropped on Tripoli on the afternoon of March 19, 2011, the West has put the stop to the new era of entente cordiale between Russia and the United States symbolized America April 8, 2010 in Prague with the signing of this famous agreement of disarmament and offensive strategic weapons called START. Why is this a real bad news for the West, because it has more money. Every dollar spent by Washington to arm themselves in truth cost him twice since it must borrow in the markets and as there is no provision to repay the principal, the only interest a few years it will be adollar cost actually 4 or 5 while the 665 billion dollars in Russia are new money from its sale of gas or oil.

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