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30 novembre 2015 1 30 /11 /novembre /2015 18:46

the community of Jews from France was well aware of the attacks, which struck on the night of Friday and Saturday, six locations in the capital.

To believe the French journalist, Jonathan Simon Salem, residing in Israel, "the Jews of France had been informed of the attacks that had hit Paris.

"Times of Israel" says that the Jews of France were expecting a few small attacks aimed France.

Bfm TV, pro-Israeli TV channel in France, was delivered today and, for the first time to a strange analysis of post-attack situation. Rizette questioning Dominique, military expert, the channel claimed it happened in France occurs, for 20 years, Israel !!

The Bataclan the theater belongs to a French Jew.


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2 mars 2014 7 02 /03 /mars /2014 20:39

Stung by Western lies, anxious to defend their country and their democracy , Ukrainians seem to wake up. This is only the beginning. Some thought that once the coup against Viktor Yanukovych made ​​, they would live in opulence. But we had to tell them that any aid is binding , with budget cuts in all sectors , so that fools bristle .

A still believe that the world is unipolar or refuse to see that the world is multipolar , this binary vision of the planet between one side them, the good and the other bad , will play tricks with Westerners. Continuing to behave around the world like a bull in a china shop , the fall of the pedestal will be even more spectacular than disastrous . There will be cries of fears , tears , pain . Russia is neither Libya nor Ivory Coast let alone Syria. Many media - sheep, which ingest a tasteless stew and little taste of their listeners , readers and viewers are in penury . But it was enough to tell the truth not to be distraught.

How can we explain that today those who have validated the coup can complain about the attitude of the Crimea? Is not this the same scenario in Kiev ? On what some would therefore , them permission to love Europe , I should say , love Europe , and others allowed to say their love of Russia? As I mentioned in a tweet a few minutes ago , Obama and his minions believed that Kiev was the navel of Ukraine. There is nothing , it's just the capital.

After the Crimea, ie the entire south-eastern edge of the country, Sebastopol Simferopol through to Feodosiya Kerch , where it is the Russian flags float there now . Authorities are asking the same with Russia. That is to say , the Chinese puzzle is happening in the skull of Barack Obama and his minions . But it is also that international relations that do not respect human rights or sovereignty of small states. It is neither to Sarkozy or Obama, fathers invasion of Libya we will learn . Moreover , in addition , mocking the noise and fury West , Russia will send 30 armored men and 6000 at the request of the Crimea to protect ! They speak of "invasion" in the media. There is nothing, it's the same crap , the same propaganda ...

In Donetsk , a Russian flag was hoisted on the regional administration of the city during the meeting which was attended by over 10,000 people , no less - Saturday. Despite his betrayal , that of letting the Nazis succeed in Kiev , they certainly supported by the West, Yanukovich was balm to the heart . Here is his stronghold . Songs in honor of Russia and waved banners . Faced with this people , Obama they cry loudly , nobody hears but there worse because it is facing Russia. Impossible in communication to threaten , as you would with formulaic " Gbagbo must go! " " Assad must go " or " Gaddafi must go " all in flagrant violation of law, behind which they try shamefully hide.

In Kharkov, after clashes with euromaïden , pro- Russian auyant took over , things have accelerated. In the center of the city of Kharkov, which was held a rally in defense of the city , protesters pro-Russian pierced towards the building of the regional administration , on the site of Svoboda (Freedom ) before to do hoist the Russian flag. O can say that the real revolution began.

In Odessa, folder to which we return later in the day without doubt, the civilian population , according to our correspondent on the spot , needs to be equipped to deal with the nazis in Kiev. The doomsayers or historians are immediacy for their expenses. All these clowns stamped journalists who have clearly that the parchment, probably understand that the events are not always what they want. Their lack of ethics play their dirty tricks . Indeed, nothing is written in advance. Their morbid and deadly dialectic can not be a panacea.

International Relations bring into play , too many parameters . In Ukraine , obviously , Western policies, relying only on their muscles, are still not understood by relying on barkers illiterate ultra- violent and small nazis . Because the discipline of political science, such as International Relations , is vast. In the Ukrainian case , anthropology , cultural anthropology , law, economics, geography, history , psychology and sociology are the components forgotten ... These amateurs who do not understand what happens to them , n have not also considered transnational actors , dealing with trade , in short , of the economy.

In the specific case of Russia, barking dogs do not bite ... As the young people say , " this is to type " ... As for the Russian President , Vladimir Putin, he did not personally expressed on the new political situation in Ukraine. Face of adversity , man pursed lips . As the poem " Death Wolf " by Alfred de Vigny , " Only silence is great, everything else is weakness ." Find the error!

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Published by enricpatrick - dans article en anglais
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25 décembre 2013 3 25 /12 /décembre /2013 15:42

Between Church and freemasonry, the dialogue is enriched ... Human rights , third world immigration and other I'une forward today on the same path of wisdom and tolerance. While many misunderstandings remain spiritual philosiphiques and his- toric . In good craftsmen , masons and Christians use to lift , as proven by the meeting between Archbishop Thomas Bishop of Versailles, and Michel Barat , Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France , which takes place Nov. 10 , at the initiative The Life and ARM .


A nearly two centuries of conflict and convictions , going on to a reconciliation between the Church and Freemasonry ? For the first time in France , at the initiative of the Life and Religious News in the world, a bishop and a Freemason sit at the same table for a public meeting . November 10 , Bishop Jean- Charles Thomas , Bishop of Versailles, and Michel Barat , Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France , will meet at the Centre Sèvres in Paris to engage in a dialogue once impossible . This is certainly not the first time a clergyman encounters a Freemason. But never to such a level of responsibility and public manner.

There six years , organized in Toulouse by unbelief and faith Service Institute symposium studies and research brought together Masonic scholars and theologians on the topic Church Masonry: convictions or misunderstandings ? In recent months, similar meetings were held in different towns . Each time, they were sold out . Proof, if proof were needed, that the subject fascinates our contemporaries , many believers , and that dialogue is no longer taboo . A lock jumped in 1971 , during a visit which had made ​​a great noise , Bishop Pezeril , then auxiliary bishop of Paris , the Grand Lodge of France . Ten years earlier , Father Riquet , Jesuit, caused a scandal by giving a lecture in a lodge of the Grand Orient in Laval . More recently , religious funeral , celebrated with great pomp , two old masters , Richard Dupuy and Michel Baroin , interviewed public opinion.

On the ground in recent years , contacts have increased , resulting in joint initiatives. Thus, in November 1985 , Catholics and Freemasons signed, with others, a "common call to brotherhood " against intolerance and racism, and for the defense of human rights . In May 1988 , the father Guiberteau , on behalf of the Catholic Church , joined alongside Pastor Stewart, the Protestant Federation , and Roger Leray , former Grand Master of the Grand Orient , the mission entrusted by the government Rocard restore dialogue in New Caledonia . Meanwhile, in October 1986 , a delegation of the World Freemasonry had traveled to Assisi, to attend the World Conference of Religions for Peace . Regular meetings for several years between Masons of different faiths and Christians. The Benedictine Abbey of Bec -Hellouin in Normandy, even hosted a lodge the time of retirement .

And then there is the Catholic members of Freemasonry . Among them were priests. Father L. lives in the south of France . Like most of those in his situation , he preferred to remain anonymous. For him , there is no question of dual membership , as is often claimed . Member of the French National Grand Lodge , he believes that it is not " a Church of substitution " , but rather " third order" , in which he finds a way to extend his priest. " The Biblical reflection and prayer occupy a large place , he said. Besides, my bishop is quite aware of my activity. Sometimes I even send reports to the Vatican. " Recognized by his superiors , Father L. suffers from not being able to reveal its location to the Catholics of his diocese : .. Attitudes are not ready . "

Gone are the days it seems anathema which had ceased to be launched by Rome since the first papal condemnation in 1738. The new Canon Law of 1983 ( the Constitution of the Church ) deleted items to the Freemasons and , in particular, the 2235 gun ipso facto excommunicated every person belonging to a Masonic lodge " acting against the Church." The current law simply condemn " those who s' part to an association which plots against the Church." However, a statement from the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith , published shortly after in November 1983 , came to reaffirm the incompatibility of membership at the church and Freemasonry. The author of this warning , Cardinal Ratzinger, considers that " Catholics are part of Freemasonry are in a state of grave sin and may not approach Holy Communion ." This text , in which he is not also a question of excommunication , obviously not to the same extent an article of law, but indeed contradicts evolution that began thirty years .

Where does the distrust ? In the first papal condemnation , that of Clement XII in 1738 , Freemasonry is condemned because of the secrecy that surrounds it . No heresy it is explicitly charged. However, the mere fact that people of different religions live together in boxes created at the time , a sufficient presumption of heresy to excommunicate . In France , the Revolution, in which the lodges are very active , and the split between revolutionaries and Church - soon characterized by the division between the clergy and priests jurors refractory priests - aggravate the dispute . Sentences that follow in the nineteenth century cite reasons that Pope Leo XIII in 1884 together Humanus genus . Freemasonry is rejected because it is based on the " free inquiry " and seeks to "total secularization of society ." The encyclical proclaims inter alia: " The Catholic religion is the only true , can not, without the last insults and injustices , tolerate other religions are matched him >> These papal pronouncements have contributed to empty, but slowly . surely lodges their Christian elements . Roman intransigence and anticlerical and antireligious encouraged reactions of some lodges in France . and if today , John Paul II does not inspire confidence to many Freemasons, John XXIII remains in their eyes , the champion in all categories of the spirit of tolerance that they intend to embody.

The weight of history, misunderstandings and mutual position taken without proper meetings explanations include the fact wrongly all masonry in the idea of ​​a single organization , are all reasons to better understand the difficulties and delays today in the progression of dialogue. Christian in its origins, even ecumenical , which at the time was a sin for the Church, Freemasonry has been a shift towards deism , before his religious and philosophical most diverse opinions. In this microcosm converged all currents of thought in modern times, not without clashes , sometimes : the different attitudes of French Masons during the Revolution of 1789 or the advent of the Third Republic are exemplary in this regard. To this must be added the painful episode of Vichy, in which Freemasons were openly persecuted. A terrible period has not helped to restore links between Freemasonry and Church.

And today? On some issues , they are close - racism , unemployment, etc. . - On others, they are distant. Masonry called "liberal" occupies in France , most of the field. The Grand Orient de France is in the historical center . Separated since 1877 the Anglo-Saxon Masonry , he is interested in economic, legislative and cultural issues . In the field of morals, it is often opposed to Catholic morality , yesterday to divorce, contraception or abortion today for the legalization of euthanasia. Humanism , without necessarily being atheist, agnostic rather . Very marked by rationalism and secular fight, he kept an old background of anticlericalism . " As for Catholics , we have ten percent of fundamentalists ," admits one of its members.




The Grand Lodge of France , it has an intermediate position. Spiritualist before being humanist, it favors a more open secularism and showing an interest in the religious fact . It has also retained the reference to the Great Architect , without identify the God revealed. Although these denominations are tempted to exclude each other , they all claim to the Masonic tradition and attempt to forge links between them ... This is far from obvious . Especially with regard to the Great French National Grand Lodge ( GLNF ) . Marginalized within French Freemasonry , his obsession is to be confused with the denominations it calls "' irregular ' d in the resumption of dialogue with the Church. Thus Father Michel Riquet , near the GLNF has stopped fighting , particularly in its chronic Figaro , to recognize the specificity of this lodge and avoid it is condemned by the Church.

An approach considered unlucky by many Masons who do not approve of discrimination between good and bad brothers. This is also the opinion of Father Jean -François Six , former head of unbelief Service faith ( Sif ) , and close to the Grand Orient . " Freemasonry is a path of wisdom, he said. Obedience Each carries values. Tolerance, free inquiry and freedom of conscience did nothing wrong . " Priest of the Mission of France , he knows also the importance of dialogue with unbelievers environments marked by scientific and agnostic culture. And even if he feels not always be supported by the Church, the question for him to give up. "Catholics would they be afraid of losing their soul? Agnostics yet have much to teach us about the place of dogma or the importance of the spiritual quest. "

"We must still distinguish the different denominations and out of the fog in which we are," replied the pastor Michel Viot , Member of the French National Grand Lodge. It is for him a matter of intellectual honesty. " It does not make any discrimination, but to allow each Christian to choose his dressing knowingly . " Measured more than some of his brothers who did not hesitate to denounce " bigotry " Grand East or " syncretism " of the Grand Lodge of France , Michel Viot only regret that other denominations have abandoned the Masonic rule that requires believing in a revealed God .

Today, the rationalistic scientism has fizzled . Its part, the Church has adapted to the modern world and incorporated in France at least, the principle of secularism . Freemasons and Christians find themselves on the ground to defend the third world, human rights and to combat racism . Until 1983 , the question of excommunication often served as a pretext to each other to avoid real opportunities for collaboration, as well as confrontations going deeper. The conditions of a new dialogue are now met. " This new situation requires us all to take this issue in another state of mind, without prejudice to the ensuing developments ," said Bishop Thomas . Meet the Centre Sèvres is a further step in this opening. L.G.








A Grand Master in jeans


It was shortly after 1968. A student in search of meaning and purpose in life , amidst the triumphant consumer society , discovered Freemasonry . In jeans , facing the brothers tuxedo , he says , he discovered a " moral imperative ." The young man in question is now , forty -four years , Grand Master of the Masonic second , the Grand Lodge of France , I'un younger masters of the history of Masonry. And it's true that good living with a round face under unruly curls , a poet who punctuates his sentences , snapping his suspenders, this philosophy teacher author of a thesis on the thick Gnostic liberates an invigorating freshness. For two years he was Grand Master, Michel Barat has promised to leave Freemasonry .. its reluctance " to engage in public debate , and make its voice heard alongside other forces spiritual country . in October 1991, he was one of the main instigators of the appeal against the rejection of foreigners , signed , among others, by Bishop Decourtray , Pastor Stewart and Rabbi Sirat .

Also do not he furious to see Freemasonry used as the theme by sensationalist news- magazines during the summer months, or by the facilitators of the small screen in search of Audimat . There a month, he refused to go on the shelf Right to Know , Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, on TfL , not at all agree with the broadcasting of images of pseudo- Masonic rites and refusal maintain the myth of the " policy combines brothers ": " the trick , it is also and primarily in television " , he returns to I'envoyeur .

The conversion in the eye (1) , it is anything else that Michel Barat speaks: initiation , the "double bet on the sense of transcendence, and freedom of thought " that is all fair mason. A gamble that often brings the believer , and "is one of hope."

But if the believer gives a name , that of God, and for Christians, that of Jesus Christ, this transcendence, Freemason , said Michel Barat wants to " always keep open the question of meaning , and always lie in the tension and stress of questioning never satisfied . " Never , in this spiritual quest, abandon the compass of reason , may denying " the division of man be reason and be feeling ."

The famous secret ? No, Freemasonry is not black masses , said without laughing Michel Barat, not about to forgive a bishop overseas who claimed that Freemasons " steal communion wafers in the churches " If we can find all the literature you want on initiation rites - the best and the worst - there has " a kind of feeling of shame " that makes the masonry is discreet, especially in France where the persecution by the regime Vichy is not forgotten .

But the real secret , adds Michel Barat is " what everyone has lived and lives as a spiritual path ," the incommunicable , " gasoline even the experience ."

And the Grand Master takes care to emphasize : Freemasonry is not a school of psychoanalysis and even less a Church of substitution : " The initiation , unlike the sacrament confers no participants , it is a set path on the way of thinking and the light can not indicate the road to the man "free and good manners " . "

Michel Barat sees red when the suspect " philosophers of Light" to be " the intellectual ancestors of Nazism ." On 5 December, at a conference on the Enlightenment, organized in Paris by Religious News in the world, it will decide precisely as the heir of the Enlightenment, he is able to defend with passion, s' must. You said nervousness ? N.B.






" As my first communion"


It will soon be fifty years. She works with young children. It is Protestant . For many years, it belongs to a recognized by the Grand Orient Lodge mixed . His identity, you do not know more : Martine ( Martine call it ) does not want a reader can recognize . "It could hurt me , she says , Masons are traditionally scapegoats. " His blue eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, and small delicate hands waving in front of his face. She says.

" When my children became independent , I had much more time to myself I could take a personal quest started in childhood . Looking for a group, a movement , where they work together for greater humanity. I always had social fiber. This is probably the result of my Protestant upbringing I'écho of "Love one another ." first I looked for next to the church I was more worship and I attended meetings around the Bible But it was too abstract So I went around the side of the policy . . . I fought the Socialist Party in a basic cell . But it remained at very cerebral rants on society's problems . And there reigned an atmosphere of rivalry , careerism that navrait me .

"Then I thought about Freemasonry . I do not know much , except that the masons are characterized by ... say a strong faith in the human being. I was hoping to find in them people concerned with anything other than their personal ambitions and their immediate profit. took my best pen , and I wrote to the Grand Orient . ns told me that the GO would only accept men, and I have provided a small booklet that showed me all female and mixed denominations in France I opted for a mixed box . whether you want to work for the good of humanity , we must begin by not exclude half the process ! normal to include a box is then started . I do not tell you much, Masonic secret forces . just the first step is an interview with a member of the lodge . inquiète.J I was pretty ' afraid of not being bright enough , intellectual enough to accept me . But the man who gave me an appointment was simple and friendly. During more than two hours , it is attached to verify my motives and my expectations, to avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment. He told me that box was not a dating club or a political group or a university. I appreciated his honesty. and I decided to continue the process. 's initiation ceremony leaves me remember a time serious and beautiful, like my first communion , or my marriage. it was there almost five years .

"I 'm not sure now want to proceed. I'idéal I always adheres to the masons , but I had made ​​them too high an idea not to be disappointed . We call" brothers "but inside the box are the same rivalries , the same communication problems as anywhere else . There altruistic and ungrateful , generous people at times and mean to others .. . as everyone . masonry I thought was a sufficiently powerful tool to transform deeply

heart of its members. I was wrong. "

And if Freemasonry was a meeting like any other, with its qualities . . . and défauts.M.D .







My first is a worker , my second trader. My third is a minister, senator or deputy . They have in common ? They are Freemasons, share the same ideal and are introduced to the same secrets. Since the eighteenth century , where it took root in France , Freemasonry fascinates , intrigues , irritates . To cultivate a taste for secrecy, she left the field open to all fantasies hidden force that pulls the strings of power or evil plots ... Especially since, among Masons , rumors are never denied. A rule among others.

The original brotherhoods cathedral builders in the Middle Ages , jealously guard the art of raising temples to the glory of God. In 1723 , the Presbyterian minister James Anderson applies in the Book of Constitutions these construction methods to man himself becomes a living stone mason he fashions and model using tools. When he has enough work on himself , he can fit into the construction of " ideal Temple of humanity forever unfinished " and contribute to a better society. Hence the proliferation of builders borrowed symbols - square, compass , trowel, hammer , scissors , ruler, level - and that refer to moral values.

Voltaire , Mozart, Sade , Jules Ferry, Churchill, Mendes France , John Wayne , Salvador Allende, Roudy or Roland Dumas is a long list of famous insiders. Freemasons today are between seven and ten million worldwide , 70,000 in France , divided into a dozen denominations , federations of boxes that accept the same authority.

• The Grand Orient of France is the oldest houses (since 1773) and largest with 30,000 initiates. Forbidden to women , in 1877 he removed any reference to the existence of God and the immortality of the soul.

• The Grand Lodge of France , born in 1894 in a split with the Grand Orient , has nearly 20,000 insiders, and refers to the " Great Architect of the Universe." It is exclusively male.

• The French National Grand Lodge, founded in 1913 , boasts " I'absolue belief in God and His revealed will . >> Only obedience " regular " , internationally recognized , it is forbidden for women and nearly 15,000 insiders .

• The Human Right , born in 1894 from a split of the Grand Orient , is mixed and has 10,000 members .

• Great Feminine Lodge , founded in 1952 and close to the Grand Orient , has more than 8,000 sœurs.CL







Lodges often recruited by co-optation and submit candidates a real rite of passage . Each lodge meets every fortnight or every month. She wants the representation of an ideal world , under the arch of the symbolic Temple, strewn with stars . The sitting or holding is carefully orchestrated : apprentices , journeymen and masters have their place and held there . Venerable presides over the East , assisted by his officers, the master of ceremonies led masons in their place, I'orateur ensure compliance with the regulation, the expert in the rituals , the Treasurer manages the finances , and the roofer ensures that the box is covered in secluded or eavesdroppers .

The discussions are then opened , and masons can leisurely make and unmake the world. With strict discipline . No way to interrupt a speaker, or even sigh when he speaks . As an apprentice , initiated less than a year , he listens, but is silent as a sign of humanity.

Laboratories of ideas , the lodges of the Grand Orient with Jules Ferry led the fight for public schools. Then, one of the great social reforms , paid or forty-hour week leave. The texts of laws on birth control and abortion have been written by Freemasons. All lodges today are striving to unemployment, hunger , and immigration . They declared war on racism, extreme right and track down intégrismes.CL

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25 décembre 2013 3 25 /12 /décembre /2013 15:26

Who has not met FREEMASONS? I met as each of us of all sorts of unbearable thirst for temporal power or power hungry or esoteric knowledge, but also brave guys just curious or looking for an associative family, or simply search.

In short, a fairly representative sample of our society. Nothing so it seemed to me sufficiently disturbing to not continue to throw at them a sympathetic look.

"The TRILATERAL? BILDERBERG? Ok, must stop with the conspiracy theories, "I thought so.

This idea was reinforced by the many efforts dialog religious bodies, especially Catholics, with the so-called "inter-religious" FREEMASONS seemed a sort of official recognition and was FREEMASONRY, somehow, the status of religion and that the hand is stretched fraternally in the name of ecumenism.CLICK HERE link

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25 décembre 2013 3 25 /12 /décembre /2013 14:26

Explosives and irrefutable documents prove once and for all that the Dalai Lama is the arm of the Illuminati , it serves to install the new world order with the Buddhists .

1 - We know that the Vatican is part of the New World Order is that its hard branch the Jesuits .

2 - We know that the organization is " The Muslim Brotherhood " led by the brother of Tariq Ramadan ( we understand why it happens as a TV ) leads the New World Order for Muslims

3 - For the Jews everyone understood that it was the Zionist State of Israel with BHL in France and the whole gang who led the New World Order for the faithful Jews.

By cons that few people know what is the point 4 , and yet it is so obvious when you thought well ...

4 - The Dalai Lama , a friend of the Nazis in all genres, past how this is the spokesman for the New World Order aurpès of Buddhists , and I'll give you proof in a few seconds. CLICK ON THIS link


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25 décembre 2013 3 25 /12 /décembre /2013 14:04

Some commentators have explained the French position in negotiations with the 5 +1 Iran as dictated by Saudi Arabia , or by reference to the Jewishness of his Foreign Minister , Laurent Fabius . This ignores that the French policy in the Middle East has changed in nine years.


It all started in 2004 with the break between Jacques Chirac and Bashar al -Assad. Syrian President had promised his French counterpart to promote Total at a tender . But when the French proposal reached the palace , she was so disadvantageous for the country that the president changed his mind . Furious, Jacques Chirac broke with Syria and presented Resolution 1559 the Security Council .


Then, the French elected him without knowing that Nicolas Sarkozy had been partially raised by one of the principal leaders of the CIA, Frank Wisner Jr. Not content with having been made ​​by the United States , it was discovered Jewish roots and had cultivated his Israeli relations . International policy was dictated by Washington, but as at the time there was no difference between the Israel and the United States , he appeared only as a bloc with them.


François Hollande has been designated for 10 years as secretary general of his party because of his mediocrity will no current leader and not being vassal of any leader, he could keep the house maintaining a balance between the contenders at the Elysee . He attached himself to never have a personal opinion , to remain as transparent as possible . So that during his presidential campaign believed each dealing with a moderate man who can surround himself with experienced personalities. His constituents are first bruised.


The reality of François Hollande proved once arrived at the Elysee. Expert in domestic policy, he does not know much about international relations. In this area , beliefs come to him illustrious socialist personalities.


Thus, he has placed his nomination under the auspices of Jules Ferry, theorist of colonization. In Le Figaro , his friend, Israeli President Shimon Peres has glowingly compared to Blum and Guy Mollet , although it is more popular in France . In 1936, the former had proposed to double the UK by creating the State of Israel in Lebanon, which was under French mandate. In 1956 the second attempt to seize the Suez Canal with the help of the Israeli army.


During his ten years at the head of the Socialist Party , François Hollande has limited its interventions in the Middle East , which here is a brief anthology :

• In 2000, when southern Lebanon was occupied , he prepares with Bertrand Delanoe travel Prime Minister Lionel Jospin in Palestine. His speech includes a condemnation of Hezbollah he likens to a terrorist group.

• In 2001, he demanded the resignation of geopolitics Pascal Boniface , guilty of having criticized in an internal memo blind support of Israel Party .

• In 2004, he wrote to the Superior Council of Audiovisual to challenge the authorization to issue given Al -Manar . It will continue its pressure once the chain of resistance censored .

• In 2005 , he was received in camera by the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France ( CRIF ) . According to the minutes of the meeting , he would have supported Ariel Sharon and have strongly criticized the Arab Gaullist policy. He stated : "There is a trend that goes way back , this is called the Arab policy of France and it is not acceptable that government has an ideology. There is a problem recruiting the Quai d'Orsay and the ENA and recruitment should be reorganized . "

• In 2006, he took a stand against President Ahmadinejad urged Tehran rabbis and historians , including Holocaust denial . It ignores the direction of Congress, which was to show that Europeans had substituted the religion of the Holocaust to their Christian culture. And against the grain , he explained that the Iranian president intends to deny the right of Israel to exist and it is poised to continue the Holocaust.

• It mobilizes for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, on the grounds that it has the French dual nationality. No matter that the young man was captured while serving in an army of occupation in war against the Palestinian Authority, also an ally of France .

• In 2010 , he published with Bertrand Delanoe and Bernard -Henri Lévy, an open forum in the world to oppose the boycott of Israeli products . He said the boycott would be a collective punishment imposed as Israelis working for peace with the Palestinians. Reasoning that he had not held during the similar campaign against apartheid in South Africa.


Finally, before the Franco- Saudi rapprochement , even before President François Hollande had already expressed its support for the Israeli colonial state . And he had already condemned the Axis of Resistance (Iran , Syria, Hezbollah ) . The truth is the opposite: applying the Agreement of Quincy, Saudi Arabia is close to France because of its pro -Israel policy .


The policy of the Socialist Party in general and in particular François Hollande has its roots in colonialism of the nineteenth century , including Jules Ferry was a herald and Theodor Herzl promoter . Today , the Zionist party came together at the initiative of Dominique Strauss- Kahn in the discrete and powerful Circle Blum ... whose honorary president, Jean- Marc Ayrault, became Prime Minister Francois Hollande.

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4 décembre 2013 3 04 /12 /décembre /2013 12:45

The hypocrisy of many political leaders of the Western world , their ability to take actions based on self- deceit , collusion between the revealed religions , politics and esoteric schools ( secret societies ), encourage many Africans return to traditions inherited from their fathers. Search cultural identity in a world plagued by confusion , an identity crisis, a crisis of faith acute behind the economic crisis we face is encouraging , however, such a work must be conducted with great judgment , objectivity, because only the truth will make us truly free. It is therefore useful for us to know where we come from and where we are going to better understand the barriers that we are called to overcome to successfully end our political struggle , economic, cultural, spiritual . Traditions relating to doctrines , practices transmitted from century to century by word or example. To discover the origin of traditions , secret societies and religions of sacrifice , it is good to analyze, from a spiritual point of view, the story of Creation reported by the three revealed religions. God blessed the first humans (Adam and Eve ) he created with his own hands , and invited them to multiply, dominate, submit the wildlife , eat of every tree of the garden where he had been except the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil may introduce death into a universe created perfect (Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 ) . The orders of the one God to the first men actually represent donations granted to human beings able to multiply , to dominate and submit the fauna and flora, through their intelligence. Seductive to see trees and good to eat symbolize science, the knowledge that every man marveled . Children are fascinated by fire , adults by scientific discoveries , or by divine revelations. The environment, they say, the conditions being; forest of the Amazon to major European cities through the African continent, every nation has developed throughout the centuries , knowledge, know -how, Learn to be , which allows its members to live in peace. Peoples have , throughout their history, developed customary rights , economy , spirituality , customs and traditions of their own . So the traditions are born, above all, the ability of man to live in society , and especially to adapt to its own environment. When does the notion of evil and death have they been introduced in each of our traditions? The original order established by God was broken by Adam and Eve, when they began to exercise their minds on fundamental issues of life, beyond their understanding, and especially when they desired to become gods , autonomous creatures, able to break free of this divine authority. Desire to live without God is a spiritual point of view, take the path of evil is eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil because man naturally knows what is good, but to satisfy his own ambitions , he chose to violate the laws enacted for the happiness of all. Faced with the death of a loved one , desperation may lead , for example, a man to rebel against the divine order. In abundance , men , like Adam , have feet and hands to free themselves from the tutelage of the one God who calls us to serve others and society, not to serve us. In all societies of the world, men chose to violate the boundaries between right and wrong , to violate the laws of their respective companies , to live away from the wisdom of the fathers of the Most High . " Who seeks finds , to him who knocks it will be opened to him who asks will be given ," says Christ Jesus. If you knock on the door of power , domination , wealth and not that of humility and the gift of self to others , the ancient serpent in place of God and teaches you a seemingly identical to the one God wisdom with the aim to make you gods can live without your Creator . The Antichrist is the personification of wisdom that denies the divine wisdom it is called in the Scriptures the chaff. When you're in a rice field where you do not even distinguish the grains of rice , you find it difficult to separate the rice plants of the weed . Proposed by the ancient serpent to Adam and Eve wisdom actually opened their eyes to a new world where they could acquire supernatural powers, but do not allow them to become spiritual men son of light (Gen. 3, 7) . When they saw that they were naked , they made ​​themselves loincloths with fig leaves to cover their nakedness , their vulnerability to creatures of the night world . Fig leaves symbolize spirituality developed in general in all traditional societies of the world, in these secret societies, where man comes into contact with the forces of nature, the spirits which he ignores the real identity. Those who are haunted by the death receive , for example, these spirits can subtract the soul of their next energy to prolong their life on earth. Those who wish to achieve immortality are united by the same ambitions and form secret societies, esoteric schools where they are transmitted from one generation to their doctrines , practices, to become gods on earth without their Creator. Those who adhere to these secret societies innocently because they are seeking the truth will certainly discover wisdom , acquire power to dominate the flora and fauna , their neighbors, but their salvation depends exclusively on the provision of their heart Cain poorly arranged himself murdered his brother Abel because he became the abode of snakes breed Antichrist. What differentiates indeed the serpent of Moses swallowed the lights of Pharaoh, or the brazen serpent shaped by the prophet , vipers , snakes burning ? The snake is actually the symbol of conservative wisdom , which is why Christ Jesus invites us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves . The brazen serpent fashioned by Moses placed on the banner to save the Israelites bitten by pious fiery serpents prefigures Christ crucified Jesus ( No. 21 , 9) . Fiery serpents were created in the image of Christ (the Word of God made flesh ) . The apostle Paul wrote about them : "He makes his angels winds , his ministers a flame of fire " ( Heb 1, 7 ) . These created spirits fiery flames as the Word of God are custodians of divine wisdom creatures , hence their ability to interpret the Scriptures , and to falsify . They are not angels who made ​​them like the wind. They are different from demons and aliens they surpass in wisdom and strength. They are called companions of Christ in the Book of Hebrews ( Heb 1 , 9) , son of God in the Book of Genesis where they procreated Nephilim with the daughters of men . In the Decalogue are identified to false gods . They are masters of wisdom , intermediate creatures between angels and men ... We all world traditions narrow gauge (the good ) and wide track , which led under the authority of the gods , to the formation of secret societies, esoteric schools , subtly , they entrainent many elected of God to destruction . Necromancy ( divination by the evocation of the dead different prayer with the community of saints taught by the Catholic Church ) was rightly forbidden by our Creator because it is virtually impossible for a man to discern these false gods of the saints in heaven . These creatures are disobedient to God to answer our prayers same , in order to make us believe that we venerate the holy angels of the Lord. They are manifested in all traditions as angels of light. Someone believes invoke the spirit of his ancestors when he merely enters into communion with those creatures who have signed pacts with his fathers . This allows them to identify any point to these: voice, face, life ... They are at the origin of many traditional religions. To overcome these fiery serpents , to avoid being the instruments of their will, God introduced Adam and Eve from the religion of sacrifice. With the skin of an animal, he chose to hide the nakedness of man, to strengthen his body and mind (Gen. 3, 21 ) . To Abraham, the son of Jacob , Israel and Ishmael , the Almighty asked to perform the same ritual of sacrifice that protects fiery serpents . These sacrifices are fulfilled in the Word of God made ​​flesh , Jesus of Nazareth. His divine blood is more valuable than animals , and grants to those who call upon him, in spirit and in truth , the victory over his companions, these fiery spirits become the fire of passion that blinds us and we go deaf so that we reject the virtues , justice, divine wisdom , true faith . That fully assumes his destiny and his cross in spirit and in truth as a result of the Most High, for his sake , for Christ, for the virtues , these dark forces triumph . Revealed religions , they teach us sacrifice in fact there is only one God, Creator of heaven and earth . God above God , there is none : In Jesus of Nazareth, his Word , he rest in all its fullness, the spirit of wisdom to be our spiritual guide. - See more at :

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30 août 2013 5 30 /08 /août /2013 21:46

Pretending to believe in a chemical attack on the Syrian government against its own people , Washington , London and Paris are beating the drums of war. Should we take these threats seriously from States announced as imminent , since more than two years , the fall of Syria? Although one should not exclude this option, it is less likely that an intervention organized by Saudi Arabia. This agitation would rather aim to test the responses of Russia and Iran .



What fly has stung the Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama? Sunday, August 25 , the White House issued a statement in which an anonymous senior official said that there is " little doubt" the use by Syria chemical weapons against his opposition. The statement added that Syria 's agreement to let in the UN inspectors in the area is "too late to be credible ."


If the use of chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus , Wednesday, August 21, 2013 is likely , the Security Council of the United Nations has not concluded that the fact that the Syrian government. Emergency meeting at the request of the West, the ambassadors were surprised to see their Russian colleague present their satellite photos showing the firing of two rounds at 1:35 am, from the rebel zone Duma in rebel areas affected by gas (at Jobar and between Arbin and Zamalka ) at times coinciding with disorders related. The pictures do not tell us whether it is chemical shells , but they suggest that the " Brigade of Islam" , which occupies Duma has made a stone three times : first remove the support of his rivals in the opposition , on the other hand accuse Syria of using chemical weapons , finally disrupt the offensive of the Syrian Arab army to clear the capital.


If the Syrian government , as his enemy - Israel is not a signatory to the Convention against chemical weapons and has large stocks , the jihadists have also , as confirmed by Carla Del Ponte, to the fury of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. In December , the Free Syrian Army had released a video showing a chemical laboratory and threatening the Alawites . This week, the government discovered several caches of chemical weapons, gas masks and antidotes in the suburbs of Damascus. The products came from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States and the Netherlands . It is also at the request of the Syrian government, not the West , as UN inspectors are present in Syria for two weeks to investigate allegations of use. Finally , on 29 May 2013, the Turkish police arrested a dozen members of the Al- Front Nosra and seized chemical weapons were to be used in Syria.


However, President Obama met Friday 's National Security Council to review the Power attack options against Syria in the presence of Ambassador Samantha , leading liberal hawks . He decided to strengthen the U.S. military presence in the Mediterranean by sending a fourth destroyer, loaded with cruise missiles , the USS Ramage . It adds to the USS Gravely , USS Barry and USS Mahan is maintained in the zone when he had to return to port.


Saturday he called on the phone with British Prime Minister David Cameron. And on Sunday , he spoke with French President Francois Hollande. The three men agreed that it had to be done without specifying how. Sunday again, the Secretary of State John Kerry called his British , French , Canadian and Russian counterparts to say that the United States was convinced that Syria had crossed the "red line" . If the first three speakers listened finger on the seam of the pants, the Russian Sergey Lavrov expressed surprise that Washington is pronounced before the report of the UN inspectors . He answered on the " extremely grave consequences " that represents an intervention in the region.


Monday the French defense minister , Jean -Yves Le Drian was in Qatar and was to go to the UAE to coordinate with them. While the Israeli national security adviser , General Yaakov Amidror , was received at the White House. During a telephone conversation between the British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin , it stressed that there was no evidence of use of chemical weapons by Syria. For its part, the Chinese Vice- Minister of Foreign Affairs , Li Baodong , called his U.S. counterpart , Wendy R. Sherman, to call the United States to exercise restraint. Aware of the risk of a regional war in which Christians would suffer , Francis Pope reiterated his call for peace .


Should we therefore think that the West will go to war without a mandate from the Security Council, as NATO did in Yugoslavia? This is unlikely because at the time Russia was in ruins, today it should intervene after issuing three vetoes to protect Syria or waive any international action. However Sergey Lavrov has wisely rejected a Third World War . He said that his country was not ready to go to war against anyone , even about Syria. It could therefore be an indirect intervention in support of Syria , as China did during the Vietnam War .


Iran then informed through his Deputy Chief of Staff , Massoud Jazayeri , that for him the attack on Syria would be crossing the "red line" and that if she went to act , the White House endure "serious consequences." While Iran has neither the resources of Russia, or alliances , but it is certainly one of the top 10 global military powers. Therefore, attacking Syria is to take the risk of retaliation against Israel and uprisings in much of the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia. The recent intervention of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the statements of its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah , such as the Palestinian organization PFLP- General Command , leave no doubt.


Questioned by the Russian press , Syrian President Bashar al -Assad , said: "The statements made by politicians united Americans , Western and other countries is an insult to common sense and an expression of contempt for public opinion their peoples. This is nonsense : we first accused , then the evidence they gather . This task is carried out by a powerful country , the United States ( ... ) This kind of accusation is purely political , they respond to the series of victories recorded by government forces on the terrorists. "


In Russia, the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Duma, the journalist and geopolitics Alexei Pushkov , commented on his Twitter account : " Washington and London have said Assad guilty before the conclusions of UN inspectors . They will not accept a guilty verdict . Any verdict will be rejected . "


The principle of a new war in Syria bad frame with the economic problems of the United States and Europeans. If selling weapons is a way to earn money , destroy a state without hope of return in the short or medium term , can worsen the situation.


According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll conducted after the attack of 21 August , 60% of United Uniens opposed intervention in Syria against 9% who support it . They were convinced of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, they remain 46% to oppose the war and become 25% support it. The same survey indicates that Americans like even less the secret war : while 89 % said it should not be to arm the rebels, against 11% who want to arm again. Finally, four options were offered to respondents : airstrikes ( supported by 12%), creating a no-fly zone ( 11%), the financing of a multinational force ( 9%), and direct U.S. action ( 4%).

In France , Le Figaro , published by the arms dealer Dassault, has asked his readers at the end of the day, they were 79.60 % to oppose the war against 20.40% in support .

It will certainly be difficult for Westerners to turn public opinion and go to war.


Another interpretation of events is possible: some videos showing the victims of chemical attacks circulated on the Internet a few hours before the attacks . It will always be possible for Westerners to "discover" the deception in time and backtracking . However the case of chemical weapons in Iraq has shown that Westerners could lie to the international community to recognize harmless once their package done.


The charges jihadists and their Western sponsors involved while the Syrian Arab Army launched a major offensive , "Shield of Damascus " to release the capital. The shot of the two shells of the " Brigade of Islam " are at the beginning of the offensive , which was held for 5 days and resulted in significant losses among jihadists ( at least 1,500 killed and wounded , about 25,000 present). All this agitation may be only psychological warfare to both hide this defeat and attempt to cripple the Syrian offensive. This is mainly a way for Washington to test the Iranian response after the election of Sheikh Hassan Rohani to his presidency. And it is now clear that it will not oppose the policy of the Supreme Leader , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


However, during the war against Libya , I had underestimated the ability of the United States to violate all the rules , including those of NATO. While it based on documents of the Atlantic Alliance, I insisted on the long resilience of the Libyan armed opposition to his face , I ignored the holding of a secret meeting of the NATO base in Naples in the back of the Atlantic Council . At the time, the United States , the United Kingdom, France , Denmark and Turkey, and Israel , Qatar and Jordan planned in secret use of Alliance assets to bomb Tripoli [ 1 ] . Not trusting their allies , they knew opposed to attack so costly in human lives , they had not been warned. The Atlantic Alliance was no longer a proper Alliance, an ad hoc coalition. In a few days , taking Tripoli made ​​at least 40,000 deaths, according to internal reports of the Red Cross. Such a device may be being organized : the Chiefs of Staff of approximately the same states , plus Saudi Arabia and Canada, gathered since Sunday and until tonight in Amman under the chairmanship of the CentCom commander , General Lloyd J. Austin III. They are considering five options (supplies of weapons to the Contras ; bombing target , creating a no-fly zone , establishment of buffer zones and land invasion ) .


The Atlanticist press calls to war. The London Times ad .


President Barack Obama could well follow the war plan drawn up by his predecessor George W. Bush on 15 September 2001, which provided , in addition to attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, those of Libya and Syria , and revealed the former Commander of NATO , General Wesley Clark [ 2 ] . Except that , for the first time , the target has strong alliances.


However, the new U.S. rhetoric contradicts all the efforts of the Obama administration last year that applied to eliminate obstacles to the holding of the conference in Geneva 2 : resignation of General David Petraeus and supporters of the war secret , non- reappointment of Hillary Clinton and ultra -Zionist ; indictment of irreducible opposition to an alliance with Russia, especially within NATO and the missile shield . It also contradicts the efforts of John Brennan cause clashes in the Syrian armed opposition to demand the abdication of the Emir of Qatar , and to threaten Saudi Arabia.


Syrian side , we are preparing as much as is possible for any eventuality, including a bombing by NATO against command centers and coordinated an attack by jihadists against the capital ministries. However, the most likely option is not triggering a regional war that would overflow the Western powers. It is an attack in the fall , supervised by Saudi Arabia and endorsed by the fighters it currently recruiting . Eventually, this process could be supported by the Arab League.

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14 décembre 2012 5 14 /12 /décembre /2012 13:10

Through the four corners of the world, Nelson Mandela serves mythical hero who fought against the racism of apartheid to the end of his strength, a fight that led him to spend nearly 28 years behind bars for finally triumph being released, actively participating in the end of apartheid and to eventually become President of the country where he was imprisoned.

It has the image of a brave man, good, steadfast, praised by all the elites (in particular Western) all current social democrats and republicans who base their policy on the ultra-liberal global capitalism and speculative and ... precisely what is from there that should rise to doubt. Why a man who fought for the good of his people turned up highlighted by the very people who seek world domination and enrichment robbing the surplus value extracted wealth inherent in the common goods of the same people? Why this unanimity? Something wrong with this colorful character whose story is surrounded by a veil of mystery. And we will try to see more clearly in this test.


- The beginnings of Mandela and his history in the resistance of the ANC.


Nelson Mandela was born 18 July 1918 in Transkei, South Africa in the royal house of Thembus. He graduated in law in 1942 and it was at this time he joined the ANC (African National Congress - African National Congress, a political party founded in 1912 to defend the interests of the black majority against the minority white, a fight to overthrow the social order.'s party will establish links with the Communist Party of South Africa from 1930). In 1944 Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo founded the Youth League of the ANC, more radical than its predecessor in its mode of expression, partisan mass demonstrations to give the white political power. Then came 1948, the year horrible. To everyone's surprise, the National Party won the elections white on the fear of "Swart Gevaar" (the "black peril") and his program: "Die Kaffer op sy plek" ("The negro in his place"). The Prime Minister, a former pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church, Dr Daniel Malan, built immediately, brick by brick, statute by statute, the wall of "grand apartheid" (as opposed to the "petty apartheid" that had prevailed until one). Apartheid is an Afrikaans word (after the Dutch language) which means separation. It is a system of segregation of people of color (black, colored and Indian) applied in South Africa until 1994.


This is the name of this regime that is directed from 1948 to 1992 the racial order in the South African state. Whole life was strictly codified set of laws for each community extremely accurate, up from benches assigned to this racial group. Every citizen must hold an identity card stating his race. This policy is also based on an anticommunist struggle (the Communist Party was banned in 1950, Communist Party members had joined the ANC) to legitimize ideologically to the world.


This is the fight of the ANC intensified, and in 1949 the young wolves "the youth league of the ANC took power at the head of the ANC. Gradually the movement is growing in population and in 1952, the campaign challenge (non-compliance with the laws of apartheid) that lasts several months, meeting a huge success. So much so that on 30 July 1952, Mandela was arrested by the police. He was sentenced, along with other comrades to nine months' hard labor, but the sentence is suspended for two years. Nelson Mandela becomes dangerous for power. At the same time, the core leader of the ANC is already preparing for the possibility of a prohibition, therefore clandestine work, but not the armed struggle while Mandela begins to think against a white power which becomes increasingly violent. Power white thinking shaving Sophiatown, the township on the outskirts of rebel Jo'burg. Faced with this threat Mandela assert that the time for passive resistance is finished, nonviolence is a strategy vain, she never overthrow a minority. And he was not wrong because Sophiatown be wiped February 9, 1955, despite the resistance of the population, but its inhabitants take with them their revolt in their new city, named after its geographic location: South West Townships: Soweto.


And it is in this climate that the 25 and 26 June 1955 in Kliptown, the ANC adopted the Freedom Charter, real long-term political manifesto. For the first time, the organization not only to criticize the apartheid laws, but suggests the advent of a democratic South Africa and non-racial. Another question. Other staff. Another reaction of power. This is too much for the powers that be who demonstrated a repression harder and harder.


Thus December 5, 1955 in Soweto Mandela and 91 other ANC members were accused of high treason, they incur the death penalty! Trial (called "The Trial of treason") will therefore begin this year and end on 29 March 1961, 5 years in a major event which will change the face of South Africa internally and externally.

On 21 March 1960, the Sharpeville massacre. In this small township 50 kilometers south of Johannesburg, police opened fire against demonstrators. Balance seventy-nine dead. International community condemns and some countries adopt sanctions. In this same year 1960, the ANC and black organizations were banned after the Sharpeville massacre.

Meanwhile "The trial of treason" turns demonstration on the part of defendants. The court Pretoria becomes a sort of permanent forum for the ANC. The defense lawyers run more than once prosecutors ridiculous. In the international press echoed. Prefer to stop power costs. March 29, 1961, Judge Rumpff concludes: "The accused are found not guilty and acquitted. ".

Nelson Mandela leaves open court but immediately enters the underground.


In June 1961, the ANC held a clandestine meeting, one of the largest in its history. On a proposal from Mandela, and after hours of heated debate, the anti-apartheid movement decided to launch an armed struggle by creating a military organization. Name: Umkhonto we Sizwe (the spear of the nation). Its leader Nelson Mandela. His seat Liliesleaf Farm, Rivonia, "a bucolic suburb north of Johannesburg." This is where Mandela reads On War by von Clausewitz, the Revolt Menachem Begin. It documents the guerrilla armies of Kenya, Algeria and Cameroon before going on site during 1962. It develops explosives and begins to lead the first military operations.

On 5 August 1963 Mandela was arrested after the denunciation of neighbors. He was forty-four years. During his trial, Mandela, in a courtroom frozen and silent, made ​​a ringing declaration:


"Throughout my life, I am dedicated to the struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. My ideal was the most expensive one of a free and democratic society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. I hope to live long enough to reach it. But if necessary, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die. '


He was sentenced to life in prison, he spent almost 28 years. The ANC is completely dismantled.


- The years prison, the mysterious negotiations and liberation.


During his 28 years in prison, he will endeavor to continue the struggle ideologically through political discussions with his fellow prisoners, and especially maintaining contact with the outside, with the help of a common prisoner nicknamed Joe my Baby, which enter and exit fraud messages prison. Meanwhile, outside the South African government, based on the fight against the communist threat, enjoyed the indifference of the international community's support to see some (U.S. and Israel among others). From 1959, the South African government in its policy benefit to accentuate the Bantustans to move black people (who lived mostly in the township), by ethnicity penning the territories named in Bantustans. Territory which shall see greater autonomy quasi-independence, this was a way to reduce some of the rights enjoyed even blacks in South Africa. And from 1970, to decide to withdraw the South African citizenship to all those who lived in the Bantustans. Their goal was now clear, it should no longer remain a black South Africa.


Then came the uprising in the township of Soweto in 1976. The Soweto riots were a manifestation of black adolescents in South Africa June 16, 1976, protesting against the imposition of Afrikaans language teaching exclusive and escalated when police opened fire. The record is officially 23 dead and 220 wounded, but the actual record is not really known. We're talking hundreds of deaths, and it is sometimes 575 dead, including 570 blacks. The last members of the ANC who were exiled abroad to send profits while many activists maintain protest against the white regime and new recruits join Umkhonto we Sizwe. From 1977, the sabotage of the ANC found itself growing and some of them are murderers. From this date the riots propagated in all townships in the country and their impact on international opinion was such that in 1977 forced the UN to declare an embargo on arms sales to Africa South. Government repression intensifies as resulting in multiple arrests.

In the 80s, the fire will continue to expand, as well as international disputes involving the boycott of South Africa (as is currently the BDS movement against Israel). Moreover, with the collapse of more certain of the Soviet regime, the South African government could not continue forever to be used to legitimize the Communist bogey its racist policy. The rise of new world order on how liberal democracy put the South African leaders face a choice of survival ... the apartheid government is desperate, isolated on the international stage, he struggles to suppress anti-regime rallies in the townships, the story is moving and must find a way to get out of "free". Then, in 1982 Nelson Mandela was transferred to Pollsmoor Prison and has a "preferential treatment." Strategy becomes clear to January 31, 1985. That day, P. W. Botha, the Prime Minister proposes to release the oldest political prisoner in the world if he rejects "unconditionally political violence." Mandela refuse and then begin negotiations, negotiations will be kept secret and even today we do not really know what it was negotiated (as stated by Gbagbo) except for a few details like the fact that Mandela refused the idea of a veto power for the white minority institutions in the future. Between 1988 and 1989, negotiations accelerate, Frederik de Klerk replaces Botha in August 1989 the head of the South African state. The Berlin Wall fell, the apartheid government can no longer claim to oppose the ANC to stop communist expansion, South Africa is on the wrong side of history, we must act quickly.


It was then that on 2 February 1990, de Klerk announced the release of Mandela and the end of the banning of the ANC. February 11, Mandela crossed on foot the last meters of his "long walk to freedom."


- End of apartheid, President and glory.


Constitutional negotiations on the future of South Africa start from the ANC government, the National Party and other black movements or preservatives. Nelson Mandela Tambo succeeded to the direction of the ANC in 1991. He leads the open negotiations with the National Party of FW de Klerk and negotiates the release of apartheid. Apartheid was abolished in June 1991, a fully validated abolition in March 1992 by "whites" with all the constitutional reforms negotiated.


In December 1993, FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela are both award the Nobel Peace Prize.


On 27 April 1994, the first multiracial elections in the country's history gives a clear victory for the ANC (65%). The party president, Nelson Mandela was elected president by the new parliament, while seven of the nine provinces were won by the ANC. He was President until 1999, he will not stand for re-election.


- So why the title: "The betrayal of a hero"?


In view of his biography, everything leads to believe that the title of hero is deserved and I do not deny, Mandela was a great man who fought for a noble cause but just see what the finding of the South Africa today to understand his betrayal.

The conclusion today is that after sixteen years of democracy, South Africa is the world champion of inequality: the black population, which represents 80% of the population control only 5% of wealth. Only a tiny fraction (3%) of arable land owned by white farmers (87%) were transferred to blacks since 1994. We are far from the promises of equality.

The conclusion is clear, the economic order was never questioned and challenged the racial order has allowed only a small minority of black gentrification and join the big bourgeoisie whites in the defense of their social interests.


Mandela became the hero of capitalist elites around the world (there is a consensus imposed by the ideology of the media in their hands) because he did not touch the bag, he left South Africa to continue in a headlong rush to global capitalism the most violent possible for poor people ...

He never gave details of the negotiations preceding its release, it's probably because it has agreed to sell (by consent or knowledge of the subject) his fight, its legitimacy and its people to the worst capitalist sharks and financial return for the end of racial. You can not erase decades of social inequalities based on racial differences in a model of capitalist society ... is absolute nonsense knowing that capitalism creates more inequality. Would have had to impose a socialist society and just where it is the people who enjoy the wealth derived from the value added for the benefit of all South Africans to the image of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez (who is demonized in the West as it affects ... where it hurts).

Let's be clear in purpose Mandela is not Lumumba Sankara were killed for their political support of the people who elected despite the interests of capitalist and imperialist sharks. South Africa Mandela became the blacks who shoot other blacks, blacks who live in misery even greater than under apartheid (to the point of regretting the time) and white farmers murdered.


The end of apartheid is a scam for the people of South Africa.

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SCANDAL IN FRANCE. According to a British press (UNITED SPORT) the championship of France was fake. According to the press would have allowed the NFLto Montpellier to win the championship before the PSG. This press quotes arbitrationadvantage Montpellier, agreement between the club, who would have even been knownduring an interview with a player during a match that had said to be favorable to the finalvictory of Montpellier before playing the next day against the Montpellier. Inamissiblething for the conduct of the championship. How can a player hope that the team againstwhich he will play tomorrow or champion is self motivation. According to the pressalways, the NFL would have destabilized the PSG. This press quoting sources close to the advisor of a club president who sits on the NFL

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